Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Delaware transfer quarterbacks through the years: Joe Flacco

Quarterback at Delaware from 2006-2007
Originally attended Pittsburgh

If Dave Wannstedt were to look back at his career at Pitt, I think he would find that burying Joe Flacco behind Tyler Palko on the depth chart, which left Flacco disenfranchised and ultimately caused him to transfer to Delaware. In his two seasons at Delaware, Flacco made himself into a first round draft pick despite having crappy receivers and a very suspect offensive line during his entire time in college. In his senior season, Flacco led Delaware to a national championship game by winning two games on the road against Northern Iowa and Southern Illinois before eventually losing to Appalachian State in the national championship game.

Most importantly though, Flacco had an 0-2 record against Villanova.

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