Sunday, November 13, 2011

Sheila Reid doesn't care if your race is 500 meters too long

Suck it Georgetown

In an apparent gaffe by the person driving the pace cart at the NCAA Mid-Atlantic cross country regional women's race, the course went about 500m long, only delaying the inevitable Sheila Reid kick and victory.

From Villanova's official website:

While the team scores were remarkably close the individual finishing times were a little higher than expected due to a re-route halfway through the race. Each of the 199 runners in the field ran 500 meters longer than the original 6,000 meter course would have entailed.
 How something like that happens is beyond me, but if Reid had somehow been outkicked with 50 meters to go (not likely) I an imagine that Gina Procaccio would have been pretty pissed. Anyways, Reid won, both the men and the women qualified for nationals, and all is right in the world. Hopefully we can see the women defend two titles next monday.

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