Thursday, November 3, 2011

Steve Addazio is an awesome coach

Okay guys, we're going to run up the middle 60 times tonight..
After Al Golden left Temple for greener pastures, Temple fans were largely convinced that Steve Addazio would bring their program to the next level, deliberately ignoring what Florida fans had been saying for a while, and Addazio was telling recruits the same thing about the Temple program.

Nine games into the Steve Addazio era, those who left at the decision to hire him are having the last laugh, as it looks like Temple will yet again miss out on the MAC championship game despite having the most talented roster in recent history.

What's the problem with Addazio? Well, he's predictable, and his play calling patterns were all but figured out by the SEC. Last night, he kept running it up the middle with Heisman Trophy Candidate Bernard Pierce despite the fact that it didn't work. If something doesn't work the first 20 times, the chances are that it probably won't work the 21st, and you should adjust your gameplan. His loyalty to quarterback Chester Stewart, despite the fact that there are greater options behind him has been another failing of Addazio so far, although it looks like he has finally realized that sophomore Chris Coyer is the superior option.

It remains to be seen what will happen when Daz has his own players, but the early returns from the Steve Addazio era show that he really hasn't made any adjustments from what made him despised by Gator fans everywhere.

Even Hitler hates Addazio:

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