Monday, November 14, 2011

Villanova-LaSalle primer

Aside from Villanova, the only Philadelphia school to have won an NCAA title is La Salle, but that was in the 1950's, and their basketball team has been dog shit for the last two decades, not having made a postseason tournament of any kind since an NCAA berth in 1992.

Tomorrow night, The Explorers will travel to The Pavilion to face a Villanova team that is fresh off of pounding Monmouth into the floor. Although the matchup between the two teams last season was a close one, La Salle lost Aaric Murray, their best player in a decade when he decided to transfer to West Virginia. He was a headcase anyway. In their first game this season, La Salle beat Lafayette by a sizable margin, but that was Lafayette. Anything less than a convincing Villanova win is unacceptable.

If Villanova Wins: They are 2-0
If Villanova Loses: I will jump off the Ben Franklin Bridge.
Maalik Wayns Three Point Miss Counter: Through one game this season, Maalik Wayns has missed two three pointers.

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