Saturday, November 19, 2011

Villanova loses, ends a forgettable season

After beating Delaware five seasons in a row, everyone knew that Villanova's streak was bound to come to an end at some point, and if it had to happen, this season was perfect for it. Even though they lost, and there were some highly questionable calls by referees that led to that decision, I'm not upset because with 21 starters returning (including Jamal Abdur-Rahman <3,) I know that there is a foundation for success in the future. There were some things in this game that I would have done differently, but I can say one thing unequivocally: this team is light years better than the team that was on the field against Temple in the beginning of September, and in Chris Polony, they have a quarterback capable of doing some pretty big things.

Yes, when we look back on this season it will say that Villanova went 2-9, but they were a few breaks away from being 5-6, so it could be much, much worse. The 2012 season starts right now, and we have basketball season to hold us over until then.

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