Monday, December 19, 2011


Albert Einstein was famous for defining insanity as "doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results," under that definition, Jay Wright is fit for a straight-jacket in 2011. Despite the fact that Villanova is 273rd in Division I in three point field goal percentage, they are 41st in the nation in three point attempts. In fact, only two teams that shoot more three pointers than Villanova, (William & Mary and VMI,) miss three pointers at a greater clip, and everyone knows that VMI runs a ridiculous offense where players jack shots up at the first opportunity.

There is also the matter of who is taking the three pointers. The two leaders on the team in three point attempts, Dominic Cheek and Maalik Wayns are the two worst perimeter shooters on the team among players who have attempted more than ten outside shots this season. What's even more puzzling about Wayns and Cheek taking the most three pointers is the fact that they are making nearly 87 percent of their free throws between them, and their contributions to the offense are in the manner that they are least likely to be fouled, shooting jump shots. If the two of them were to drive to the hoop and pick up fouls, the Villanova offense could be markedly better overnight, and it would probably help the defense as well.

The message is simple: stop the insanity.

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