Saturday, December 10, 2011

Villanova-Temple Preview

Entering the penultimate game of the antiquated Big Five round robin, Villanova is struggling in games that are not in the city series. Coming into the game against Pennsylvania government waste (Temple), Villanova has lost three of four, and has still yet to beat a team that is in the top 50 of any ratings index. Well, tonight's game on North Broad would be the perfect chance to finally get a decent win and end this ridiculous stretch of mediocrity.

What could get in the way of a positive result? Well, for starters, Villanova doesn't play defense, they jack up threes at an alarming rate despite that being far from the strength of this team, and they're simply undisciplined. Since I can say with a reasonable degree of certainty that Villanova will jack up a whole lot of threes, the percentage of offensive rebounds that they are able to grab off of three pointers will be the second most important factor in this game after the rate in which they sink three pointers. The last thing Villanova fans will want to see is Temple getting long defensive rebounds that will set up a transition game for Temple, further accentuating Villanova's poor defense.

What is on Villanova's side? Well, for starters, Jay Wright pretty much owns Fran Dunphy and Temple will be missing two of their starters for this game. Against Villanova is the fact that Temple is a better team according to the objective metrics, and the game is at Temple. Basically, Villanova will need to show improvement over what we've seen so far to win this game.

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