Sunday, January 22, 2012

Acceptable Outcomes

Let's get this straight: Villanova is not making the NCAA tournament without intervention from a higher power. With ten losses in their first 20 games, it would take an extraordinary amount of luck as well as a demonstrably higher level of play overall.

So that begs one question: Is anything less than the NIT an acceptable outcome for 2012? My answer is an emphatic no. Starting in 1994, the NIT has served as a spring board for some of Villanova's best teams, and with every game of experience, this team will only get better. Since this team isn't going to make the big dance, let alone make any noise, making the NIT and winning games is just about the only feasible outcome.

Obviously, missing the NCAA tourney will suck, but as long as this team gets better, that's a good thing, and don't forget the fact that every major contributor is slated to come back next year, making a deep tournament run next season a possibility.

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