Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Dominic Cheek: WE ARE THE 27 PERCENT!

 A sign of the apocalypse

Taking his inspiration from Occupy Wall Street, Villanova shooting guard Dominic Cheek announced today that he would be forming his own movement to protect the interests of "The 27%" or people who miss more than seven of ten three point shots. In his press conference, Cheek said: "I don't know if people understand what it's like when you have an opportunity to take a contested fade-away three point shot in a critical situation.. It's pretty hard to pass up." Cheek's decision to form a movement sparked immediate disgust amongst the Villanova fanbase, who have threatened to riot if he shoots another three point shot.

Cheek remains indifferent to the reactions of the fanbase though, explaining "These people been against me since day one.. They don't know how I ball."

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