Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Gone in 15 Seconds: A Villanova-Louisville Preview

If there's any team that I like to beat, it's Louisville. I don't like beating Louisville because of any of the players or the school itself, but rather because of their premature ejaculator head coach Rick Pitino. I despise Pitino. I despise his outspokenness. I despise his greasiness. I despise that white suit he's worn a few times. Most of all, I despise his accent. So naturally, when Karen Sypher attempted to extort him, I found it hilarious. But I digress, back to the real matters at hand.

Louisville is a school with an arena named after a fast food company, which is awesome. After starting the season on a strong note, The Cardinals have struggled in Big East play to the tune of a 3-4 record in conference, only percentage points better than Villanova's 3-5 record. According to Ken Pomeroy's computer, their national ranking of 25 overvalues them, as he has them at 40th, owing mostly to the fact that they have the 139th most efficient offense in the country. On the other hand, their defense is superb, ranking 10th in defensive efficiency. Short story: the higher scoring this game is, the better it looks for Villanova because they're the stronger offensive team, and if they're able to penetrate the Louisville press, they're more likely to be able to continue to make shots. What I don't know is if Villanova will be able to protect the ball, something they've struggled with all season, even in wins.

Surprisingly, I don't feel terrible about this game, but I could be wrong. I hope this team shows my optimism is warranted tomorrow night.

Betting verdict: Take Villanova getting 9 points.

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