Thursday, January 26, 2012

How Does Dominic Cheek Sleep at Night?

In what has become the largest source of frustration in this Villanova season, Dominic Cheek keeps shooting threes at an alarming rate, despite the fact that he misses more than seven out of ten of his attempts.

I hate criticizing college athletes, and I try my hardest not to, but I cannot handle this degree of fucktardery and I have no idea how Cheek does it. Anyone with half a brain should know that you should stop doing something when your rate of conversion is 28% unless that thing is the lottery. If he were playing suffocating defense, protecting the ball, or grabbing 12 rebounds a game, I might be able to forgive the poor shooting, but the fact is that he is doing none of those things and I find it hard to reconcile the fact that he continues to get minutes.

The fact is that this gun slinging comes at a detriment to the team, and it's continued far too long. Until it stops, Villanova fans should continue to point it out. How the media hasn't needled the coach about this is beyond me.

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