Thursday, January 12, 2012

Let's Get Serious: Bench Maalik Wayns and Dominic Cheek

Take a seat

In what seems like a microcosm of the season so far, Maalik Wayns and Dominic Cheek were absolutely pitiful against Syracuse. Despite the fact that they are two of Villanova's three leading scorers, it is glaringly obvious that this team isn't getting better, and it's even more alarming that they have continued to shoot threes at a painful rate. I guess this would be okay if either of them played acceptable defense, but they don't. At the very least, Jay Wright must realize that Cheek and Wayns' respective styles of play simply cannot coexist on the same court and decides to limit the amount of time they spend on the court together. He also needs to tell them to stop shooting threes. When you're 3-10 at anything, you probably need to reconsider doing it.

Replacements? Well, James Bell and JayVaughn Pinkston seem to be good options. Or, you know, me, because I wouldn't take a ton of shots and miss all of them, and I may even improve the defense.

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