Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Seth Davis Says Villanova Has a Chemistry Problem

First off, let me start off by saying this: I unfollowed Seth Davis on twitter a while ago because I thought he was a jackass. The fact that the guy has 70,000 followers is an insult to people who actually have intelligent things to say. I wasn't surprised when I saw his answer to a question about Villanova that someone I follow retweeted.

His answer leads me to this: How could a team that wasn't picked to do anything of note be underachieving? The only way that you could interpret this team as an underachieving one is if you follow recruiting rankings religiously, which any journalist worth his salt shouldn't. As for a chemistry problem, there has been nothing to evidence that whatsoever, and frankly it just sounds like Seth is pulling something out of his ass so he can sound smart.

The simple fact is that Villanova isn't any good this season because they're young, they can't shoot and they can't play defense. There is zero evidence that this team doesn't get along, and suggesting otherwise is irresponsible.

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