Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Villanova is Making a Mistake

Spurred by high profile incidents from other schools, Villanova signed up for a service called "Varsity Monitor" which monitors the social media presence of college athletes. Students are forced to participate, and it doesn't matter what their privacy settings were previously. Some may wonder why the athletes care unless they have something to hide, but athletes who are deemed worthy to attend a school such as Villanova should be granted a degree of trust and privacy based on the fact that they were able to get into such a selective institution. Incidents at other schools should be irrelevant, because this problem has yet to rear its head at Villanova.

If I'm a prospective student athlete, such snooping would make me think twice about picking Villanova, and that alone should be enough to give them pause. Unfortunately though, this is the way that the world is moving and pretty soon, everyone will be spying on us.

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