Friday, January 6, 2012

Xavier Dean of Students Luther Smith Needs a Reality Check

As I was perusing the intergoogle today, searching for dick jokes and sports news, I came across the ridiculous punishment being levied against Xavier students who attended the game against Cincinnati that culminated in a brawl between players. Students who sat in the student section at that game will be required to attend one of three "reflection sessions" hosted by the school, or else they will be barred from attending Xavier games for the rest of the season.

As soon as I read that, I thought it was a joke. As someone who went to a high school that frequently punished many for the actions of few, I can sympathize with Xavier students for this ridiculous injustice. I can guarantee that the vast majority of Xavier students did absolutely nothing, and I couldn't believe that a school would take such a draconian stance against a group instead of individual wrongdoers.

Even if individual wrongdoers are punished, the mere suggestion that people in the stands were in any way responsible for the actions of the idiots on the court is absolutely ridiculous. If you can't find actual wrongdoing amongst individuals, you shouldn't be allowed to go after a group. Unfortunately though, academic types have never demonstrated anything other than complete and utter tone-deafness when it comes to matters of common sense.

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