Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Excuses For Temple's Canceled Board Meeting

Well, Temple's board of trustees canceled a board meeting that was scheduled for today. On the docket for today's meeting was the supposed Big East invitation. Interestingly, Temple listed the attendance for today's meeting at 18,000 before the meeting was canceled.

Here are some possible excuses Temple fans might come up with:
  1. Villanova sabotaged Temple's phone service.
  2. SEPTA was on strike.
  3. It's raining outside.
  4. Temple's administration wants to waste as much taxpayer money as possible, and the Big East would give them more revenue.
  5. Lincoln Financial Field isn't large enough to accommodate Temple's massive fan base against larger competition.
  6. Tom Corbett cut the budget so much that Temple couldn't afford the phone bill.
  7. Bill Cosby didn't bring the Jello.

Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Villanova Needs a New PR Department

 Villanova's PR Director

If Villanova sorely lacks anything, it's a public relations arm with the ability to shape a narrative in the press and keep negative news from getting out of control. This entire nonsense about getting thrown under the bus by the conference has proven that Villanova as an institution is absolutely gutless when trying to make its interests known to the public. Diplomacy is absolutely fine to a point, but when you are being dragged through the mud, it's okay to protect your interests.

Enough is enough, stop being timid. Villanova needs strength and not incompetence when they're at a crossroads like this.

Monday, February 27, 2012


 noun: the state or quality of being objective: He tries to maintain objectivity in his judgment.
Attn: Philly media, This is not objective

I guess we shouldn't pay much mind to a pair of papers that have been teetering on the verge of bankruptcy for the better part of a decade. I'm sure you got your lulz though.

Four Guard Offense Highlight Reel

Despite the fact that the 2005 and 2006 teams didn't win a national championship, and never made it to the Final Four, I would have to say that they were the most fun Villanova team, and one of the most fun college basketball teams to watch in recent memories.

Sunday, February 26, 2012

The Best Part of Yesterday's Game

I can say with absolute certainty that Maurice Sutton's elbow to Otto Porter's face was the best part of the game yesterday, and may even be on the end of season highlight reel. Oh how the mighty have fallen...

Friday, February 24, 2012

Future CYO Matchup (Villanova-Georgetown) Primer

Let's get this out of the way: This has been a terrible year for Villanova fans. Just about everything that could go wrong has gone wrong in a sick combination of luck, execution and stupidity. There is very little to keep me writing this blog other than the hope that this team goes out and balls for a few weeks, which we all know is not going to happen. What is the best, most realistic hope? Well, that Villanova gets into a crappy third-tier postseason tournament, and gels with the extra practice, Dominic Cheek hits around 38 percent of his three pointers, stupid mistakes cease, and the unhealthy get healthy, and takes the championship of said third-tier postseason tournament.

Since the season isn't over yet, we get to watch our team get demolished by our future mid-major conference-mate and soon to be (forced) mutual arch-rivals from Georgetown.

Here's a slow jam:

Wednesday, February 22, 2012


Don't blame anybody in Providence. Villanova had their chance 15 years ago, and it was turned aside by a coalition led by a shortsighted president and a far too loyal lame duck athletic director. What Father Dobbin did in 1997 over the recommendations of a feasibility study may prove to be the decision that led Villanova into the athletics abyss.

Now Villanova has two options: Heavily invest in athletics and hope that makes them a more attractive candidate for a power conference, or do absolutely nothing and hope that it doesn't bite them in the ass. I think I know what I would do, but I have little faith that anything will get done.

Until then, I hope you're enjoying your retirement Father Dobbin, as I will make sure that your legacy will be one that is tarnished by prejudicial decisions you made that could do irreparable harm to an entire athletic department, and the prestige of a university.

Sunday, February 19, 2012

Beast Mode

The end of the video is where the good stuff happens, the kick down in the last lap of the race by Sam Ellison is just insane.

Women's race (again, the end of the race is where the good stuff is)

Big East Indoor Track Live Stream

Events begin in earnest at 11:20. The stream link is here.


11:20 am Women's 1,000m run
11:30 am Men's 1,000m run
11:40 am Women's 800m run
11:50 am Men's 800m run
Noon Women's 60m hurdles
12:10 pm Men's 60m hurdles
12:20 pm Women's 60m dash
12:30 pm Men's 60m dash
12:30 pm Women's triple jump
12:30 pm Men's triple jump
12:30 pm Women's shot put
12:40 pm Women's mile run
12:50 pm Men's mile run
1 pm Women's 500m dash
1:10 pm Men's 500m dash
1:20 pm Women's 400m dash
1:30 pm Men's 400m dash
1:40 pm Women's 200m dash
1:50 pm Men's 200m dash
2 pm Women's 3,000m run
2 pm Men's heptathlon 1,000m run
2:20 pm Men's 3,000m run
2:35 pm Women's 4x800m relay
2:45 pm Men's 4x800m relay
2:55 pm Women's 4x400m relay
3:05 pm Men's 4x400m relay
3:20 pm Awards ceremony

Saturday, February 18, 2012

Track: After One Day, Villanova Men Lead, Women are Third at Big East Indoors

After one day at the Big East indoor track and field championships,Villanova has shown quite well, winning the women's and men's  5000m titles (Bogdana Mimic and Hugo Beamish) and finishing in second and third respectively in the distance medley, despite the fact that the men's DMR was essentially a B-Team.

With one day remaining, Villanova is in first place in the men's competition and third in the women's, with plenty of point scoring opportunities remaining tomorrow. With the majority of the points being awarded tomorrow, a big effort is necessary, but today was a good result for both teams.

Men's Team Scores (after five events)
 1) Villanova                   31        2) Syracuse                   28   
 3) South Florida               25.50     4) Notre Dame                 24   
 5) Rutgers                     18        6) UConn                      16   
 7) Georgetown                  12        7) Marquette                  12   
 9) Providence                  10       10) Louisville                  8.50
11) Pitt                         6       12) DePaul                      4   

Women's Team Scores (after six events)
 1) Cincinnati                  43        2) Notre Dame                 30   
 3) Villanova                   29        4) Louisville                 24   
 5) South Florida               22        6) West Virginia              17   
 7) Georgetown                  14        8) Providence                 12   
 9) St. John's                  11       10) Rutgers                     7   
11) UConn                        6       11) Syracuse                    6   
13) Pitt                         5       13) Marquette                   5   
15) DePaul                       3                                       

Want Free Money? Bet on Notre Dame

 Bet it all, baby

Notre Dame are only 1.5 point favorites against Villanova. If you have hundreds of thousands of dollars in disposable income, bet it on Notre Dame.

Friday, February 17, 2012

Philosoraptor on The Philly Newspaper Situation

Take Notre Dame, Whatever The Line

Why does this keep happening? 
Per this release from Villanova, we're fuuuuucked
VILLANOVA, Pa. - The Villanova Wildcats are likely to be without two starters for Saturday night's BIG EAST battle against red-hot Notre Dame at the Wells Fargo Center, head coach Jay Wright said today.

Junior Maalik Wayns, who suffered a sprained MCL in his left knee in a Feb. 7 win over Providence, did not play against the University of South Florida on Wednesday night and is listed as doubtful for the game against the Fighting Irish (18-8 overall, 10-3 BIG EAST).

In addition, sophomore guard James Bell suffered a sprained left ankle in the second half of Wednesday night's 65-51 loss to USF. Wright said that Bell will be sidelined Saturday night as well as on Monday, when the Wildcats host Connecticut at the Wells Fargo Center.

Neither player participated in this afternoon's practice at the Pavilion.

"Obviously we would miss both of those guys but this is an opportunity for some of our younger guys to contribute and gain experience," stated Wright.

No. 23/25 Notre Dame is the hottest team in the BIG EAST, winners of seven straight, including an upset over then No. 1 ranked Syracuse. The Fighting Irish have won four of six on the road as they head to Philadelphia for the only meeting between these schools this year.

"(Notre Dame head coach) Mike Brey has done a great job," stated Wright. "They lost Tim Abromaitis for the whole season and yet have become one of the best teams in the BIG EAST. They are an intelligent, balanced team that shares the basketball and defends well."

With Wayns' availability in doubt, the point guard duties for the Wildcats again figure to fall on the shoulders of freshman Ty Johnson.

"Considering it was his first time in that situation of playing 38 minutes against a quality opponent on the road," noted Wright, "I thought Ty did a good job. He made mistakes but it was a great learning experience for him."

The game begins at 9:05 p.m. and will air nationally on ESPNU as well as ESPN 950 Radio locally.

There will be additional Wildcat programming on the Villanova IMG Radio Network (ESPN 950 locally) for this Saturday night clash. Whitey Rigsby and Steve Pinone will host a one-hour pre-game show from McFadden's Restaurant at 7:30 p.m. At 8:30 p.m., "The Wildcat Courtside Show presented by J.J. White" is on the air with play-by-play voice Ryan Fannon and Rigsby. After the contest ends, the "Villanova Athletic Fund Post-Game Show" will be live to help wrap things up.
 Excuse me while I go drink bleach.

Thursday, February 16, 2012

Villanova Big East Qualifiers

All of this, courtesy of Villanova Running

Here are the Villanova T&F athletes who qualified for this weekend's Big East indoor championship meet. The number reflects their spot on the Big East performance list.


60 meter hurdles
7. Shericka Ward
13. Varonica Johynson
25. Qualitra Brown

200 meters
2. Shericka Ward
13. Varonica Johnson

400 meters
3. Christie Verdier
30. Qualitra Brown

500 meters
14. Faith Dismuke
23. Leanne Tucker

800 meters
9. Arianne Neutts
10. Stephanie Schappert
13. Leanne Tucker
21. Faith Dismuke
29. Erin Ryan

1000 meters
4. Arianne Neutts
6. Emily Lipari
8. Nicky Akande
13. Stephanie Schappert
25. Shannon Browne
30. Mary Bohi
34. Amanda Borroughs

3. Emily Lipari
11. Nicky Akande
14. Courtney Chapman
34. Stephanie Schappert
34. Sydney Harris
49. Arianne Neutts

3000 meters
3. Bogdana Mimic
10. Courtney Chapman
11. Emily Lipari
20. Nicky Akande
41. Sydney Harris

5000 meters
14. Megan Venables

60 meter hurdles
1. Shericka Ward
8. Emerald Walden

High Jump
5. Samantha Yeats

Pole Vault
2. Alex Wasik
5. Kathleen McPhillips
10. Melissa Meggiolaro

Triple Jump
11. Samantha Francis
20. Victoria Profit

5. Katherine Petruzzelis

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

An Open Letter to Radnor Township

Dear Residents of Radnor Township,

As a long time resident of the Main Line, and a member of the Villanova community I would like to express my disgust at the public attitude towards Villanova. Whether it is the abuses of power I have witnessed in person by the Radnor Police against Villanova students, or the attempted obstruction of any expansion project Villanova ever proposes, it's obvious that there is a prejudice against Villanova by Radnor and its residents that makes it extremely difficult for Villanova to do anything to further its profile, especially if that involves some sort of construction project. Hell, Villanova has even been blamed for the area's bloated deer population.

With a township ordinance that makes it extremely difficult to find housing for students near the campus, and a public that claims that college students are a nuisance, one would think that having more students living on campus would be ideal from the public perspective. That doesn't seem to be the case. Radnor Township and its residents seem to want nothing less than Villanova to simply disappear. Since they know that isn't going to happen, they have decided to wage war against the school. This is an offensive attitude to have, especially because Villanova has a net positive impact on the community.

Let's go through some facts:
  1. Villanova students, alumni, friends and family pour millions of dollars into the local economy every year.
  2. Villanova has been around for 170 years, meaning that no resident of Radnor Township was imposed upon when Villanova was founded.
  3. Having more students living on campus would reduce auto traffic on Lancaster Avenue because fewer students would have to drive to school.
  4. There is no additional land being bought here, so no one is being moved out of their house.
Yes, college students are loud, and act like idiots on occasion, but so do kids in general, and Villanova is tame when compared to most other schools. Making things difficult for Villanova only makes you seem like assholes, and I know that nobody likes to be an asshole.


A Tired Member of the Villanova Community

Sunday, February 12, 2012

Villanova Football 2012 Recruiting Class Highlight Video

Two parts: Highlights of the 18 players Villanova signed in 2012

Second part after the jump

Villanova Wins DMR at Millrose Games

Sam McEntee showed once again that he's a stud by out-kicking Dublin City University anchor John Coghlan (son of Villanova legend Eamonn Coghlan) to give the Villanova' squad that also included teammates Brian Tetreault, Chris FitzSimons and Sam Ellison a victory in the distance medley relay at The Millrose Games at The Armory in New York. Although their time was seven seconds off the NCAA Automatic Qualifying time in this event, it was still the sixth fastest time in the NCAA this season in the event.

The Big East Championships are next weekend

Byron Dyce College Men's Distance Medley Relay          
  1 Villanova University  'A'                           9:38.02  
  2 Dublin City University  'A'                         9:39.68  
  3 La Salle University  'A'                            9:48.52  
  4 University of Albany  'A'                           9:49.90  
  5 Duke University  'A'                                9:52.96         
  6 Manhattan College  'A'                             10:15.54

Saturday, February 11, 2012

Millrose Games Live Stream

The men's DMR should be on at 7:40. That's the only event of interest to Villanova fans. Watch the whole event though.

Daniel Ochefu Wins Friends League

Last night, the Westtown School which is headlined by Villanova recruit Daniel Ochefu won the friends league, beating Academy New Church 55-46. Ochefu had 15 points, 16 rebounds and four blocks to lead the way for Westtown.

By most accounts, Ochefu still has a bit to go to develop on offense, but he's already very polished as both a defender and a rebounder, and he'll score enough that he won't be completely uselsess. Even with no Savon Goodman, next year's freshman class looks like they could have an immediate impact on a team that will surely be back in the NCAA tournament discussion. Perhaps the two freshmen will even steal some playing time from Dominic Cheek.

Friday, February 10, 2012

Villanova Competing at Millrose Games Saturday Night

 Eamonn Coghlan winning at Millrose

Tomorrow night, the Villanova quartet of Brian Tetreault, Sam Ellison, Chris FitzSimons and Sam McEntee will compete in the Distance Medley Relay at the "Millrose Games" at The Armory. McEntee is coming off the first sub-four minute mile of his career two weeks ago, Ellison is coming off personal bests in both the 800m and 500m, FitzSimons was known for being a lights-out relay runner in high school, and  Tetreault ran the opening leg on last year's Penn Relays DMR Championship. Villanova's main competition should come from Dublin City University, who feature sub-four minute miler John Coghlan, son of 1983 5000m World Champion, former indoor mile record holder and Villanova legend Eamonn Coghlan who won the mile at Millrose a staggering seven times. Also on the Irish team is Irish junior 800m record holder Mark English, who won the open 800m race last week at The Armory.

The race is tomorrow night at 7:40 PM. I'll post the link to the live stream at some time tomorrow.

Villanova Has EVERY Right to Oppose Temple

In baseball, every organization has territorial rights with concern to their farm teams so that they can protect the viability of those franchises. If another club wants to start a farm team within a given team's territory, the club whose territory it is can do one of three things:  it can allow the rival club to start a farm team within their zone without asking for any compensation, it can flatly reject the other team's plan to expand within their zone, or it could allow the other club to play in their zone if certain conditions are met.

As far as I understand it,  this is quite similar to the scenario that's making Temple and their fans bitch so much. By most reasonable accounts, Villanova is trying to make sure that they don't get left out in the cold by allowing Temple to just waltz in and steal their spot in the Big East, one of the few things keeping Villanova from being SJU(PA). If the conference were willing to make concessions to Villanova, I would have absolutely no problem if Temple were allowed. Unless Villanova gets to protect its football program, then Temple can get bent.

Thursday, February 9, 2012

Maalik Wayns Has a Sprained MCL

Per an official release from The University, Maalik Wayns suffered a sprained medial collateral ligament in his left knee and is day-to-day, which means he'll possibly miss the USF game.

What is the medial collateral ligament? 
Well, the medial collateral ligament (MCL) is one of the four ligaments, [along with the anterior cruciate ligament (ACL), posterior cruciate ligament (PCL) and lateral collateral ligament (LCL),] that serve to stabilize the knee.

What does this diagnosis mean?
Unfortunately, very little. Even a semi-specific diagnosis like a sprained MCL leaves some latitude as to the seriousness of the sprain. The fact that they're using terms like "day to day" as a timetable suggests that all they know about the injury is that it's not a tear.

What's the treatment?
Anti-inflammatory drugs, a knee brace and physical therapy are the most likely paths. Only very serious injuries to the MCL which involve knee instability require surgery.

Long term: Excellent
Short term: Wait and see.

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

You Down With JVP? Yeah, You Know Me

Villanova could have lost in a landslide tonight, and if it wasn't for JayVaughn Pinkston and a rare good performance from Dominic Cheek, they were able to respond to a 19 point Providence lead in the second half and pull off a two point victory. Pinkston scored 28 points and Cheek scored 17, but still took eight three pointers, making four of them, something that is unsustainable in the future.

Maalik Wayns got hurt, and there is no excuse to ever be losing by 19 to Providence, so there is a lot to still be wary about.

More on this tomorrow.

How Is Villanova a Seven Point Favorite Tonight?

Someone please tell me what this team has done to warrant being a seven point favorite against any team, regardless of how bad the opponent is. Is Providence really that bad?

Monday, February 6, 2012

Mark Herzlich.. I Know Him!

This video isn't meant to gloat. It's merely meant to give some background to what I wrote below Bduring the protracted NFL lockout on a Giants blog about my grade school classmate Mark Herzlich. That video was posted by Mark on the way home from winning a Super Bowl.
I moved to the Philadelphia area in June of 1996 after living in New Jersey for the first eight years of my life.  Luckily for me, I never switched of to the dark side and became an Eagles fan.
When I started school in the fall, the biggest kid in Mrs. Vogel's third grade class at New Eagle Elementary School  was none other than a nine year old Mark Herzlich.  At that point, he was already playing football with 12 year olds, and he was ALWAYS the first person picked in recess, for just about any sport.  To add to the fact that he was a man child was the fact that Mark was just a nice kid.  I always knew that Mark was going to make it on the athletic field, the only question was whether it was in football or lacrosse.
For high school, I went away to boarding school in Illinois, so I didn't get to see Mark play very often then, but since he was a teammate of my brother in both football and lax, I followed the teams from afar.  My sophomore year, I went to a game on thanksgiving, and Mark (playing fullback) took a handoff from his own ten yard line and took it to the house.  At the same time, he was probably the best player on the school's lacrosse team, and he was just as good, if not better in lacrosse than he was at football (he had an offer to play lax at Johns Hopkins.)  Football was what he decided eventually, and he committed to play at Virginia before switching his commitment to Boston College.  
 I followed his college career pretty closely, and I could tell from the time that he was a freshman that he was something special.  He had a couple teammates at linebacker that were fairly highly touted, Jo-Lonn Dunbar (now of the Saints,) and Brian Toal (from Don Bosco Prep).  You could tell almost immediately though, that Mark was better than both of them from just about the beginning.  It was exciting to me that someone I had known for so long chasing the football from sideline to sideline for an extremely competitive college football team.  During Mark's junior year, he was probably the best linebacker in the country, but he was hosed in the national award voting (Aaron Curry won the Butkus Award despite coming in second in ACC Defensive Player of The Year voting to Mark.)  Heading into his senior season, Mark was looking like the best returning defensive player in all of college football, and then he was diagnosed with cancer.
The stories about Mark since he got cancer, and his return to the field have all been well publicized, and there are tons of Mark Herzlich fans who are far more famous than I, but I have had an experience that many others were unable to have.  When I saw that he went undrafted in the 2011 NFL Draft, I was initially devastated, because I know that he's a good enough player to contribute in the NFL, but I knew that he has some obstacles to climb.  As someone who knows who Mark Herzlich is, and what he is about I know that he is both a fine football player and a fantastic human being.  I can just sit back and hope that this lockout ends very soon, Jerry Reese makes every effort to sign him, and that I get to see a great football player that I was fortunate enough  to grow up with run out of the tunnel at The Meadowlands wearing a Giants uniform in front of 80,000+ screaming fans.
Luckily, it did happen and he got to win a Super Bowl for my favorite team. Awesome.

Music Monday: Happy Birthday Bob Marley Edition

I really don't feel like talking about Villanova basketball, or gloating about the Super Bowl, so I figured I would do a tribute to one of the most influential musical artists in history: Robert Nesta "Bob" Marley. The son of a 60 year old white Jamaican of English origin and his 18 year old black Jamaican bride, Marley had peculiar racial origins for someone who is so connected to Pan-Africanism.

The first song is No Woman No Cry a title that is misleading if you aren't familiar with Jamaican patois. The second "no" is actually "nuh" which corresponds with "don't" for those of you who aren't fans of bastardizing the English language.

Sunday, February 5, 2012

Villanova Loses

This team is such a ridiculous cock-tease.

Villanova-Pitt Live Blog

We'll be starting right around 2 o'clock. Tell your friends.

Saturday, February 4, 2012

POLL: Will Villanova Finish This Season at .500 or Better?

At 10-12 with eight games remaining in the regular season, Villanova needs to win at least six games to be guaranteed a spot in the NIT. Barring a run of the table for the rest of the regular season and a couple of wins in the Big East tournament, or a Big East title, the chances of an eighth consecutive NCAA Tournament appearance are slim to none. My question involves whether or not Villanova can win the six games necessary to finish .500 in order to qualify for a postseason appearance.

  1. Go to the Fact on Villanova Sports Facebook page.
  2. "Like" the page (not necessary, but appreciated)
  3. Vote on the poll.
Give your rationale in the comments if you vote yes or no.

Never Forget

With Villanova playing Pitt tomorrow, I figured it was time to bring out this picture of Isaiah Armwood punching Nasir Robinson in the face just so no one ever forgets.

Live Feed of Villanova's Track Meet

Villanova is competing today at the New Balance Collegiate Invitational at The Armory in New York. 
The live feed is on YouTube above, and the schedule of events is here.

Friday, February 3, 2012

Funny: Howie Long Taking A Dig at Delaware

From Ice Cube's documentary about The Raiders. Not really a dig, but oh well. Howie Long went to Villanova and Delaware are our biggest rivals in football.

Randy Foye to Blake Griffin Alley-Oop Highlights

It's great to see what Randy can do when someone finally gives him playing time.

Thursday, February 2, 2012

2012 Villanova Football By The Numbers

With national signing day complete, and the Villanova basketball team sucking, it's a pretty good time to get excited about three things:
  1. Villanova Track
  2. Villanova Lacrosse
  3. Villanova Football
I know that football season is still seven months away, but there's still a lot to talk about, and a lot to be excited about. I'm going to run through some key numbers as a primer for spring practice, which should start sometime next month.

0- The number of games that All-American wide receiver Norman White played in last season.
7- The jersey number of former quarterback Dustin Thomas, who will switch to wide receiver this offseason.
21- The number of starters returning next season.
15- Times Chris Polony was sacked last season- Too many. Both the offensive line and Polony need to do something about this.
1912- The year in which the last Penn victory over Villanova occured.
9- Losses in 2011, the most in the Andy Talley era.
7.7- Yards per carry by Jamal Abdur-Rahman. Those are Brian Westbrook type numbers.
92- Total tackles by Dillon Lucas in his freshman season.

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Anybody else catch one of our recruits making his decision today?

Villanova Signs 18 Players To National Letters of Intent

After a poor 2011 in which the Villanova football team won only two games the entire season, they announced today that they have signed 18 players to national letters of intent. Included in the class is 17 high school seniors and one junior college transfer in defensive back Marc Mauro who is already enrolled and will have four years of eligibility. Another notable is linebacker Corey Majors, who was originally in the 2011 signing class, but decided to go to prep school, and decided to stay with Villanova in an impressive show of loyalty by both player and school.

All in all, nine states are represented, and it seems that Villanova is again recruiting Florida, which they were able to do quite successfully in the years running up to the national championship. With the abundance of talent in Florida, having a recruiting footprint there is always a good thing. As for expectations for this recruiting class: I have none, and you shouldn't have any either. Just because someone isn't listed on Rivals doesn't mean that you should have any cause for concern. Ben Ijalana wasn't listed on any recruiting service and he wound up being a second round pick, so you never know.

Name                Pos.     Ht. / Wt.      Hometown / Previous School
Mike Burke          WR       6-2 / 200      Columbia, Pa. / Columbia
Austin Calitro      LB       6-1 / 230      Danbury, Conn. / Danbury
Don Cherry          LB       6-2 / 230      Trumbull, Conn. / Trumbull
Nico D'Angelo       OL       6-3 / 275      Margate, N.J. / Holy Spirit
Jonathan Green      OL       6-2 / 295      Ashland, Pa. / North Schuylkill
Shayne Jones        DB       6-0 / 190      Hillsborough, N.J. / Immaculata
Tanoh Kpassagnon    DL       6-7 / 245      Ambler, Pa. / Wissahickon
CJ Logan            DB       5-11 / 190     Watertown, Mass. / Northfield Mt. Hermon
Corey Majors        LB       6-1 / 240      Levittown, Pa. / Worcester Academy
Marc Mauro          DB       6-0 / 190      Bayville, N.Y. / Salisbury School
Cameron McCurry     DB       6-0 / 215      Orange Park, Fla. / Fleming Island
Patrick McGown      DL       6-5 / 230      Valencia, Calif. / Sierra Canyon School
Jake Prus           OL       6-6 / 260      Pilesgrove, N.J. / Woodstown
Bradley Seaton      OL       6-8 / 280      Bronx, N.Y. / Brunswick School
Gary Underwood      RB       6-0 / 215      Cincinnati, Ohio / Winton Woods
Aaron Wells         RB       5-8 / 180      Ellicott City, Md. / River Hill
Javon White         RB       5-10 / 180     Telford, Pa. / Souderton
TJ White            LB       6-2 / 220      West Chester, Pa. / B. Reed Henderson