Monday, February 6, 2012

Music Monday: Happy Birthday Bob Marley Edition

I really don't feel like talking about Villanova basketball, or gloating about the Super Bowl, so I figured I would do a tribute to one of the most influential musical artists in history: Robert Nesta "Bob" Marley. The son of a 60 year old white Jamaican of English origin and his 18 year old black Jamaican bride, Marley had peculiar racial origins for someone who is so connected to Pan-Africanism.

The first song is No Woman No Cry a title that is misleading if you aren't familiar with Jamaican patois. The second "no" is actually "nuh" which corresponds with "don't" for those of you who aren't fans of bastardizing the English language.

Second is Three Little Birds, a song that has special resonance with me because I sang it at camp when I was a child.

Last is One Love, or the unofficial national anthem of Jamaica judging by its appearances on Jamaican tourism adverts. 

Happy birthday Bob.

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