Tuesday, February 14, 2012

An Open Letter to Radnor Township

Dear Residents of Radnor Township,

As a long time resident of the Main Line, and a member of the Villanova community I would like to express my disgust at the public attitude towards Villanova. Whether it is the abuses of power I have witnessed in person by the Radnor Police against Villanova students, or the attempted obstruction of any expansion project Villanova ever proposes, it's obvious that there is a prejudice against Villanova by Radnor and its residents that makes it extremely difficult for Villanova to do anything to further its profile, especially if that involves some sort of construction project. Hell, Villanova has even been blamed for the area's bloated deer population.

With a township ordinance that makes it extremely difficult to find housing for students near the campus, and a public that claims that college students are a nuisance, one would think that having more students living on campus would be ideal from the public perspective. That doesn't seem to be the case. Radnor Township and its residents seem to want nothing less than Villanova to simply disappear. Since they know that isn't going to happen, they have decided to wage war against the school. This is an offensive attitude to have, especially because Villanova has a net positive impact on the community.

Let's go through some facts:
  1. Villanova students, alumni, friends and family pour millions of dollars into the local economy every year.
  2. Villanova has been around for 170 years, meaning that no resident of Radnor Township was imposed upon when Villanova was founded.
  3. Having more students living on campus would reduce auto traffic on Lancaster Avenue because fewer students would have to drive to school.
  4. There is no additional land being bought here, so no one is being moved out of their house.
Yes, college students are loud, and act like idiots on occasion, but so do kids in general, and Villanova is tame when compared to most other schools. Making things difficult for Villanova only makes you seem like assholes, and I know that nobody likes to be an asshole.


A Tired Member of the Villanova Community

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