Friday, February 10, 2012

Villanova Has EVERY Right to Oppose Temple

In baseball, every organization has territorial rights with concern to their farm teams so that they can protect the viability of those franchises. If another club wants to start a farm team within a given team's territory, the club whose territory it is can do one of three things:  it can allow the rival club to start a farm team within their zone without asking for any compensation, it can flatly reject the other team's plan to expand within their zone, or it could allow the other club to play in their zone if certain conditions are met.

As far as I understand it,  this is quite similar to the scenario that's making Temple and their fans bitch so much. By most reasonable accounts, Villanova is trying to make sure that they don't get left out in the cold by allowing Temple to just waltz in and steal their spot in the Big East, one of the few things keeping Villanova from being SJU(PA). If the conference were willing to make concessions to Villanova, I would have absolutely no problem if Temple were allowed. Unless Villanova gets to protect its football program, then Temple can get bent.

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