Saturday, March 31, 2012

Kentucky's Final Four Banner In Five Years

If it's not revoked, you should be shocked.

Friday, March 30, 2012

More Proof Jay Wright Isn't Going Anywhere

Jay Wright was quoted today in an Associated Press article saying what most of you should already know by now: He has no plans to leave Villanova any time soon.

Says Jay:
“I’m going to be there as long as they want me there. I’m locked in for a long, long time. Let’s leave it at long term.”
For those of you who may have forgotten by now, Jay was signed to an undisclosed contract extension right after the Final Four run in 2009. My contention has always been that he's not going anywhere until his daughter graduates from high school at the very earliest, but from his own answers to the question, it doesn't sound like he's going anywhere for quite a while. Stability is good for Villanova, and Jay is the greatest salesman that the university has ever had.

More from the article:

On Maalik:
“We can tell by his draft status he’s in the same place he was last year. Knowing that the NBA usually looks down on an older guy, he’s probably going to be more highly-rated coming out this year than he would be next year. That was his thought process and I do support it.”
On Cheek:
“There’s a lot of extenuating circumstances that I can’t go in to. I can see on one side where it might not be a good idea. But there are other circumstances for him that would make it a good idea. We’re really trying to work through that right now.”
On Larry Brown:
“I know he’s got the energy, I know he’s got the respect. In our business, it’s all about the right fit. I’ve been talking to him more about Kansas. He’s been busting my chops because I picked NC State to upset Kansas and he’s all over me about that.”
That basically ties up some loose ends. Jay will probably have some pressure on him if he doesn't win soon, but I have faith. Other fans should too.

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Three Years Ago Tonight: Scottie's Shining Moment

One of the great games and great moments in Villanova history. After a destruction against Duke, Villanova faced Pitt and made far too many mistakes down the stretch to keep the game close. Scottie Reynolds made those mistakes irrelevant by making one of the most iconic plays in Villanova history. This set off pandemonium on the Villanova campus, including shutting down a major thoroughfare, undoubtedly pissing off dozens of Temple and SJU(PA) grads trying to get home from flipping burgers.

More after the jump:

Monday, March 26, 2012

Villanova-Syracuse Lacrosse Highlights

Because this low budget newscast is doing the analysis, I won't even have to provide any for you! Fuck Syracuse. That is all.

Sunday, March 25, 2012

Villanova 2012 Big East Qualifiers After One Event

Yesterday in the Big Five  at Franklin Field, Villanova had their first meet of the season. Most of the big names that competed late in the indoor season (Emily Lipari, Shericka Ward, Sam Ellison, Sam McEntee) were absent, but the biggest name, senior All-American Sheila Reid competed in two events, and won both of them handily. Don't look at times at this point, they're largely inconsequential for these purposes this early in the season, but 16 total athletes received Big East qualifying times including 13 women, setting up the ladies for a potential run at a Big East outdoor championship this year.

Here is the list of qualifiers:

Big East Qualifiers -- Women
1. Sheila Reid: 800 meters (1st, 2:09.74)
2. Sheila Reid: 1500 meters (1st, 4:23.12)
3. Nicky Akande: 800 meters (2nd, 2:10.61)
4. Nicky Akande: 1500 meters (4th, 4:32.58)
5. Ariann Neutts: 1500 meters (2nd, 4:40.90)
6. Stephanie Schappert: 800 meters (3rd, 2:12.28)
7. Stephanie Schappert: 1500 meters (3rd, 4:31.54)
8. Emerald Walden: 400 hurdles (1st, 14.39)
9. Samantha Yeats: high jump (1st, 1.75 meters)
10. Kathleen McPhillips: pole vault (2nd, 3.65 meters)
11. Samantha Francis: triple jump (1st, 11.76 meters)
12. Julia Arduini: javelin (1st, 43.67 meters)
13. Jamie Klein: javelin (2nd, 43.05 meters)

Big East Qualifiers -- Men
1. Carlton Bowers: 400 meters (1st, 48.81)
2. Nicoy Hines: 400 hurdles (2nd, 53.75)
3. Frank Anuszewski: hammer (1st, 55.85 meters)

Saturday, March 24, 2012

This Video Doesn't Have Enough Bricked Threes

Or dribbling the ball aimlessly and turning the ball over. It's a huge overreaction to Maalik Wayns' ability and more proof that Villanova isn't all that great at making basketball stuff. Time to hiring Sean Donovan to make your videos, Villanova.

Friday, March 23, 2012

Jay Wright Debating Two Assholes

Here's video, right here of Jay Wright on first take with noted morons/assholes Stephen A. Smith and Skip Bayless. ESPN are Nazis and they won't let you embed the video, so I screen capped it for you. You're welcome.

Thursday, March 22, 2012

Right Plan For Radnor Makes a List of Demands

The Right Plan For Radnor, concerned with the grave injustices perpetrated by Villanova University in their intrusive attempts to expand makes the following demands:
  1. Villanova must remove all students from campus.
  2. No more collegiate sporting events on campus, they make too much noise.
  3. All Villanova buildings must be a maximum of two floors, none of which are allowed to be above ground.
  4. Enrollment must be capped at 1500.
  5. The only access to campus must be by way of public transportation. 
  6. No blacks.
  7. No blacks.
  8. No hispanics.
  9. Villanova must remove its Catholic affiliation.
  10. No church services on Sunday, and no weddings.
  11. Failure to comply will result in seizure of the campus.

Villanova Names 2012 Football Captains

Villanova head football coach Andy Talley announced yesterday that wide receiver Norman White and center Dan Shirey have been named team captains for the 2012 football season. It's the second year that White will be a captain, making him only the third Villanova player, and the first offensive player to be a captain for two seasons.

Here's an excerpt from the release
Shirey earned All-Conference accolades for the second straight season in 2011 when he garnered first team All-CAA acclaim. As a sophomore in 2010 he was a second team All-League honoree. Shirey started all 11 games for the Wildcats last year and was the anchor for an inexperienced offensive line. He helped Villanova average 295.2 yards of total offense per game, including 138.4 rushing yards per contest. 
White missed all of last season due to a lisfranc injury of the left foot. White had a breakout year as a junior in 2010 with 69 catches for 886 yards and 11 touchdowns. For his efforts in 2010, White was a first team All-CAA selection.
 In case you're interested, Villanova's spring practice schedule is here.

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Maalik Wayns Is Hiring an Agent

Well that was quick. Today, Jeff Goodman from tweeted that Maalik Wayns is in the process of hiring an agent in anticipation of the NBA Draft, which means that the door for him returning to Villanova is shut and his career on the Main Line is over. Well, peace out.

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Villanova Running Blog: "Don't Quit, Damn It!" Liquori vs Keino, 1970

Editor's note: The following is taken verbatim from the fantastic Villanova Running Blog, it's a great story so I wanted to share it here so it could reach more eyeballs. I enjoy celebrating all great Villanova athletes, and Marty Liquori is surely one of the greatest in any sport:

This 1970 Martin Luther King Freedom Games 1500 meter race took place one year prior to Liquori's famous "Dream Mile" race against Jim Ryun in the 1971 version of this event. Here, Liquori is running on his home track at Villanova against the reigning Olympic 1500 meter champion, Kip Keino. This race stands as one of the most controversial races of the 1970s because of the dispute between (1) those who believe that Kip Keino purposely slowed down to let Liquori win on his own track (Keino allegedly told track photographer Jeff Johnson -- who took the photo above -- that it would have been "unsportsmanlike" under the circumstances to beat Liquori) and (2) those who argue that Keino went out too fast and -- not very fit at the time -- cratered over the final 200 meters, and lost to Liquori "fair and square." When Liquori passed Keino (who was practically standing still) he shouted at the Olympic gold medalist: "Don't quit, damn it!"

Here is the video of the race -- you decide which school of thought is correct.

By the way, three additional bits: (1) Kip Keino's son Kippy later ran at Villanova. (2) That's Donal Walsh on the infield in the photo above. (3) This is the first Villanova race I ever eye-witnessed live, at the age of 12.


Shortest Highlight Film Ever + News Roundup

Not enough bricked three pointers for my liking.

News time!
  • Bobby Curtis finished the New York Half Marathon in 1:03:05, good for 22nd overall and fifth among American men. He doesn't seem too happy with his performance, but he was injured earlier in the offseason and he peaked way too early last season, so perhaps a crappy race in March might not be a horrible thing.
  • The Villanova women are still alive in the WNIT even though they're without their leading scorer.
  • In the shocker department: Jay Wright prefers coaching to broadcasting.
  • As I noted pretty soon after the season, the 2011 opening game starter at quarterback, Dustin Thomas is moving to wide receiver
  • Side note- I hate the Radnor NIMBYs.
Your old school hip hop song of the day is Microphone Fiend by Eric B & Rakim

Monday, March 19, 2012

Previewing Villanova Outdoor Track: Women

When Villanova sucks at basketball and sucks at football, there is little consolation for much of the first half of the college athletics year (unless you follow the women's NIT). Fortunately, Villanova has a track team that regularly spits out All-Americans, and on a less regular basis- national champions. This year, Villanova has a legitimate shot to add to their history of excellence with at least one female contender and one male contender for postseason championships, with the possibility for others. Today, we'll be previewing the women who have a chance for postseason honors.

Most expect the 2012 outdoor track season to be a victory lap of sorts for Sheila Reid, the defending NCAA outdoor champion in both the 1500 and 5000m races to go along with her two consecutive individual championships in cross country.. The only question is the uncertainty as to how much she is going to race this season, this being an Olympic year and all, and her being a real contender to make the Canadian Olympic team. There is really only one thing that remains on her plate: a Penn Relays watch. For anyone who knows running at Villanova, whether or not you have won at Penn is somewhat career defining- akin to beating Army if you play football at Navy. I almost expect her to run only one event at Nationals, so that she isn't too burnt out by the time Canada is picking its team, and so that she isn't too burnt out to face her rivals like Emily Infeld of Georgetown, who is coming off a fantastic indoor season. Also to watch is Serbian junior Bogdana Mimic, who won the Big East championship in the indoor 5,000m and was an All-American in cross country this fall.

The middle distance ranks begin and end with diminutive powerhouse Emily Lipari, who does stuff like this at the end of races. She'll probably be running the 1200m leg at Penn and should be looking to atone for last year's disappointment, where she was involved in a dropped baton exchange. Emily had a strong indoor season and should contend in the middle distance events at the conference, and possibly national level.

In the sprints, Shericka Ward is coming off a series of personal bests and an All-American performance in the indoor hurdles. Last year, she set a school record in the outdoor 200m to finish in second place at the Big East meet. This year, she should be the odds-on favorite to win the 100m hurdles at the Big East meet, and she'll have a chance to take the 200m as well if she runs it. With the potential to score 20 points (or more if she runs the 4x400m relay) at the Big East meet, Ward may be the key to contending for a conference championship for the first time in a long time.

Some time in the near future, I'll go on with the men.

With or Without You: An Ode To Maalik Wayns

Last week, Villanova instantly received its biggest storyline of the entire offseason when Maalik Wayns announced that he was entering his name into the NBA Draft pool, and evaluating his options but refraining from signing an agent. Now, as frustrating as he is with his one man dribbling exhibitions and his God awful shot selection, Maalik is still the best offensive player Villanova has, and the prospects for next season go down significantly if he goes pro. That person you know who tries to spin this positively as a scholarship opening for next year simply doesn't get it. There is next to zero chance that Villanova is going fill that spot with someone like Amile Jefferson or Savon Goodman (who probably won't even be going to college next season), and no other recruit worth noting has any interest. So that brings us to the internal options: Ty Johnson appears to be the incumbent, but it's impossible to tell from his relatively small sample size how good he really is. There wis as also Darrun Hilliard, who was impressive early in the season only to get his playing time severely tapered without good reason and Ryan Arcidiacono, who could be forced into a serious role immediately which is not ideal since he didn't play at all his senior year of high school due to injury, and will be best if he is eased into the lineup.

Maalik is a frustrating player at times, but it's hard to find a scenario where Villanova is a better team without him next year unless his replacements show something we don't know about them. The only people who stand to gain anything from him leaving are the players directly below him on the depth chart, and that's not ideal. Unless some blue chip recruit falls into Villanova's lap similar to Scottie Reynolds, Maalik leaving could be absolutely disastrous.

Friday, March 16, 2012

How Is This Controversial?

Somebody explain this to me. I know Christian Laettner is a huge asshole, but grow up, rednecks.

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Maalik Wayns Enters NBA Draft, Me Too

But he doesn't hire an agent. In other news, I declared for the NBA draft too!

I understand why he would want to keep all of his options open, but what position is he going to play? What chance does he have of going anywhere near the first round? The answer to both of those questions is unclear, and if Maalik doesn't come back, you have to question what kind of advice he's getting as he's just a fringe NBA player at this point.

Saturday, March 10, 2012

Friday, March 9, 2012

Time For a New Direction: HIRE CRAIG ESHERICK!

I think we've all had enough of Jay Wright's inability to take this team to the mountaintop and can all agree that it's time for someone new. We need someone who will stand up for his players, make the officials accountable for their actions, who knows how to be a pushover to African-Americans, someone who has experience coaching in the Big East, and someone with a fantastic mustache.. There is only one man for that job: former Georgetown head coach Craig Esherick.

Esherick is a an academic, and we all know how important scholarship is to Villanova! We need someone who can reach our students, and teach them. Craig Esherick is the man for the job.

Just kidding. If you think Jay Wright should be fired, you deserve to be hit over the head with something blunt.

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Villanova: Big East Power Player?

Earlier today, I thought that Villanova was poised to become a regional Liberal Arts school with a high class performing arts center due to the admission of Temple into the Big East. Now, my opinion has changed drastically given that Villanova was given some serious concessions in Temple's admission to the point where they were the ones that moved for Temple to be accepted in the first place. Those concessions include a unanimous vote of confidence to assist Villanova as they pursue a possible upgrade for their football program. So essentially, Villanova has Temple and the Big East by the balls right now, and there are some rings that need kissing, or they're just being appeased so that they can get left at the altar again. Either way, Villanova is in a position of more clarity than they were earlier today when I posted this. Now his could mean nothing, but Villanova's fans have heard more public positives in the last day than they had in 11 months as they now have the support of at least one school (Temple) if they decide to move forward and upgrade.

Now we have to wait and see if this is bullshit.

The End

Worst case scenario, done. Please just fucking beat USF tonight.

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Rutgers Fan Gallery

Track: Lipari, Ward, McEntee, Men's DMR Headed to Nationals

Despite only one athlete receiving an NCAA automatic qualifying time, Villanova has four entries in the NCAA Indoor Track & Field Championships in Boise.

On the mens side, Sam McEntee received an automatic qualifier in the mile, and anchored a distance medley relay that received an at large qualifier to nationals after just barely missing out on an automatic time. Also on that relay was Brian Tetreault on the 1200, freshman Bryan Murphy on the 400m and Sam Ellison on the 800m. I would expect McEntee to finish around fifth or sixth in the mile, and only God knows what will happen in the DMR.

For the women, there will be no opportunity to defend the national championship in the distance medley relay, due in large part to the lack of one Sheila Reid. The best chance at a championship this year is Emily Lipari in the mile. Lipari thrives on championship style races where she can utilize her kick, and she's coming off multiple personal best performances this season. Also competing will be Shericka Ward in the 60 meter hurdles. Ward is inconsistent at times, but she's probably the best woman sprinter Villanova has had in the last decade.

Sunday, March 4, 2012

Saturday, March 3, 2012

Not A Good Day..

Villanova Basketball lost a close one
Villanova Lax got upset

Ugh. The Big East tournament isn't even going to be fun this year unless Villanova wins a game.

Friday, March 2, 2012

With Apologies To Dominic Cheek

Earlier this season, I was incredibly hard on Dominic Cheek for what I viewed as his reckless play. I now realize that I was too hard on a college athlete who is undoubtedly doing the best he can, and even his best isn't good enough to fix a young team like this, especially one that cannot play defense. Granted, I still haven't resolved all my issues with Cheek from this season, but as of recently, he has definitely not been the problem.

I've realized that a lot of this team's struggles this season boil down to one thing that nobody on this team can control: Luck (scroll wayyyyy down). No player on this team can wave a magic wand and prevent the ridiculously fluky and unfortunate things that have happened this season from happening, nor is any single player the cause of all of this team's deficiencies. Applying disproportionate blame at one player was unfair of me. So I'll just enjoy the rest of the season and hope for improvement by the whole team in the offseason.

Thursday, March 1, 2012



2012 Villanova Football Schedule Released

After a disappointing 2011 season that saw a young team go 2-9, Villanova has released its football schedule for 2012. New opponents for 2012 include out of conference opponent Fordham and new CAA football member, Georgia State. All home games are at Villanova Stadium until further notice, but that is subject to change, similar to last season's game against Delaware at PPL Park.

Here's the schedule in full:

8/31/2012 at Temple Philadelphia, PA TBA
9/8/2012 Fordham Villanova, PA TBA
9/15/2012 Rhode Island Villanova, PA TBA
9/22/2012 at Penn Philadelphia, PA TBA
9/29/2012 at Maine Orono, ME TBA
10/6/2012 Richmond Villanova, PA TBA
10/13/2012 at Old Dominion Norfolk, VA TBA
10/20/2012 at Georgia State Atlanta, GA TBA
10/27/2012 Towson Villanova, PA TBA
11/10/2012 James Madison Villanova, PA TBA
11/17/2012 Delaware Newark, DE TBA

Is Brian Ewart History's Greatest Monster?

The meddling "journalist" and noted Temple flamer Brian Ewart was justifiably struck down last night when his website, was REMOVED FROM THE INTERNET, an act that can only be initiated by an angry God tired of the libel committed by this obvious enemy of all things that are good, especially the prestigious university on N. Broad Street. His most egregious claim is that he "is awesome" which is completely false by all objective measures.

Those interested in fair journalism, and an end to Ewart's shenanigans can discuss the matter here. No word yet on whether or not there will be a Facebook page born out of this.