Friday, March 30, 2012

More Proof Jay Wright Isn't Going Anywhere

Jay Wright was quoted today in an Associated Press article saying what most of you should already know by now: He has no plans to leave Villanova any time soon.

Says Jay:
“I’m going to be there as long as they want me there. I’m locked in for a long, long time. Let’s leave it at long term.”
For those of you who may have forgotten by now, Jay was signed to an undisclosed contract extension right after the Final Four run in 2009. My contention has always been that he's not going anywhere until his daughter graduates from high school at the very earliest, but from his own answers to the question, it doesn't sound like he's going anywhere for quite a while. Stability is good for Villanova, and Jay is the greatest salesman that the university has ever had.

More from the article:

On Maalik:
“We can tell by his draft status he’s in the same place he was last year. Knowing that the NBA usually looks down on an older guy, he’s probably going to be more highly-rated coming out this year than he would be next year. That was his thought process and I do support it.”
On Cheek:
“There’s a lot of extenuating circumstances that I can’t go in to. I can see on one side where it might not be a good idea. But there are other circumstances for him that would make it a good idea. We’re really trying to work through that right now.”
On Larry Brown:
“I know he’s got the energy, I know he’s got the respect. In our business, it’s all about the right fit. I’ve been talking to him more about Kansas. He’s been busting my chops because I picked NC State to upset Kansas and he’s all over me about that.”
That basically ties up some loose ends. Jay will probably have some pressure on him if he doesn't win soon, but I have faith. Other fans should too.

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