Thursday, March 22, 2012

Right Plan For Radnor Makes a List of Demands

The Right Plan For Radnor, concerned with the grave injustices perpetrated by Villanova University in their intrusive attempts to expand makes the following demands:
  1. Villanova must remove all students from campus.
  2. No more collegiate sporting events on campus, they make too much noise.
  3. All Villanova buildings must be a maximum of two floors, none of which are allowed to be above ground.
  4. Enrollment must be capped at 1500.
  5. The only access to campus must be by way of public transportation. 
  6. No blacks.
  7. No blacks.
  8. No hispanics.
  9. Villanova must remove its Catholic affiliation.
  10. No church services on Sunday, and no weddings.
  11. Failure to comply will result in seizure of the campus.

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