Friday, March 9, 2012

Time For a New Direction: HIRE CRAIG ESHERICK!

I think we've all had enough of Jay Wright's inability to take this team to the mountaintop and can all agree that it's time for someone new. We need someone who will stand up for his players, make the officials accountable for their actions, who knows how to be a pushover to African-Americans, someone who has experience coaching in the Big East, and someone with a fantastic mustache.. There is only one man for that job: former Georgetown head coach Craig Esherick.

Esherick is a an academic, and we all know how important scholarship is to Villanova! We need someone who can reach our students, and teach them. Craig Esherick is the man for the job.

Just kidding. If you think Jay Wright should be fired, you deserve to be hit over the head with something blunt.

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