Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Villanova: Big East Power Player?

Earlier today, I thought that Villanova was poised to become a regional Liberal Arts school with a high class performing arts center due to the admission of Temple into the Big East. Now, my opinion has changed drastically given that Villanova was given some serious concessions in Temple's admission to the point where they were the ones that moved for Temple to be accepted in the first place. Those concessions include a unanimous vote of confidence to assist Villanova as they pursue a possible upgrade for their football program. So essentially, Villanova has Temple and the Big East by the balls right now, and there are some rings that need kissing, or they're just being appeased so that they can get left at the altar again. Either way, Villanova is in a position of more clarity than they were earlier today when I posted this. Now his could mean nothing, but Villanova's fans have heard more public positives in the last day than they had in 11 months as they now have the support of at least one school (Temple) if they decide to move forward and upgrade.

Now we have to wait and see if this is bullshit.

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