Friday, March 2, 2012

With Apologies To Dominic Cheek

Earlier this season, I was incredibly hard on Dominic Cheek for what I viewed as his reckless play. I now realize that I was too hard on a college athlete who is undoubtedly doing the best he can, and even his best isn't good enough to fix a young team like this, especially one that cannot play defense. Granted, I still haven't resolved all my issues with Cheek from this season, but as of recently, he has definitely not been the problem.

I've realized that a lot of this team's struggles this season boil down to one thing that nobody on this team can control: Luck (scroll wayyyyy down). No player on this team can wave a magic wand and prevent the ridiculously fluky and unfortunate things that have happened this season from happening, nor is any single player the cause of all of this team's deficiencies. Applying disproportionate blame at one player was unfair of me. So I'll just enjoy the rest of the season and hope for improvement by the whole team in the offseason.

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