Monday, March 19, 2012

With or Without You: An Ode To Maalik Wayns

Last week, Villanova instantly received its biggest storyline of the entire offseason when Maalik Wayns announced that he was entering his name into the NBA Draft pool, and evaluating his options but refraining from signing an agent. Now, as frustrating as he is with his one man dribbling exhibitions and his God awful shot selection, Maalik is still the best offensive player Villanova has, and the prospects for next season go down significantly if he goes pro. That person you know who tries to spin this positively as a scholarship opening for next year simply doesn't get it. There is next to zero chance that Villanova is going fill that spot with someone like Amile Jefferson or Savon Goodman (who probably won't even be going to college next season), and no other recruit worth noting has any interest. So that brings us to the internal options: Ty Johnson appears to be the incumbent, but it's impossible to tell from his relatively small sample size how good he really is. There wis as also Darrun Hilliard, who was impressive early in the season only to get his playing time severely tapered without good reason and Ryan Arcidiacono, who could be forced into a serious role immediately which is not ideal since he didn't play at all his senior year of high school due to injury, and will be best if he is eased into the lineup.

Maalik is a frustrating player at times, but it's hard to find a scenario where Villanova is a better team without him next year unless his replacements show something we don't know about them. The only people who stand to gain anything from him leaving are the players directly below him on the depth chart, and that's not ideal. Unless some blue chip recruit falls into Villanova's lap similar to Scottie Reynolds, Maalik leaving could be absolutely disastrous.

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