Monday, April 2, 2012

Go Kansas

 Connection? Who Knows

Tonight's national championship is a bit of a nightmare. The two most obnoxious and entitled fan bases in all of college basketball are about to meet for a national championship game that makes me about as excited as I would be if I contracted dysentery. Despite my normal disdain for their team, I will be rooting my ass off for Kansas, not just because John Calipari is one of the scummiest coaches ever, but because he always gets away with it, and is even rewarded for doing so by getting promoted, only to leave his former schools as shells of what they were during his last season due to various NCAA sanctions. Now, with he "one and done" players so prevalent after the NBA changed the rules for draft eligibility, he has made a mockery of college basketball by accepting several players each season that would have gone pro in seasons past. Yet, he isn't punished for the fact that none of his players graduate, and that's an even bigger travesty than the fact that they're all getting paid.

The scariest thing about all of this is the fact that major violations aren't even close to a new occurrence at Kenutcky. The  basketball team at Kentucky was almost permanently banned after a point shaving scandal in 1951. In the 80's, Eddie Sutton was doing what Eddie Sutton does, was caught, but Kentucky rebounded as soon as Rick Pitino took over. The fact that this is a program with such a historic disregard for the rules should make a guy with a history like Calipari easier to nail, right? Wrong. Calipari is so skilled at what he does, that he is so effectively able to make his own players the scapegoats for the violations that occur at every school he coaches at, showing that he is either willfully blind or flat out stupid. The way that Calipari has every media member in his hand shows that he isn't stupid.

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