Wednesday, April 4, 2012

My Indifference About Dominic Cheek

I remember sitting in The Pavilion during Hoops Mania 2008 knowing full well that a blue chip recruit from St. Anthony High School by the name of Dominic Cheek was in the crowd, and this was our opportunity to impress him. Chants of "We Want Cheek" rang out throughout the crowd as we made our push to land Cheek, which was successful, and the fan base rejoiced when he committed, thinking that Villanova had just landed the next Kerry Kittles. My feelings upon Cheek's seemingly inevitable departure amount to nothing more than utter indifference. Not because I had unreasonable expectations for Cheek, but because I found him to be the single most frustrating player to watch in my 18 seasons as a Villanova fan and that is not an exaggeration or a statement made because of spite as I have been saying that for quite some time.

Now this isn't to say that I don't wish Cheek luck, or that I'm happy he's gone, because I'm not. I think that he could have been a valid contributor to the team next year, and I would like to see him graduate, because that's what Villanova does: graduate its basketball players. In all likelihood though, Cheek will never graduate from Villanova, and that's the only thing that bothers me about Cheek leaving.

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