Friday, May 4, 2012

Amile Jefferson Might Want A Turkey Sandwich

Dear Diary,
I've been thinking to myself for a few hours about whether I want a turkey and cheese sandwich today for lunch, but I'm not sure. My mother offered to make me one, but I think I'll hold out until she offers to make me a foot long Italian hoagie. Oh man, I would boss that Italian hoagie, especially if coach Cal gave me an opportunity to eat it. Sure, Villanova may offer me something nice, but I'm holding out for a delicious Italian hoagie made by someone like Calipari. Mmmm, my mouth is watering at the thought of it. Now mom is yelling at me, telling me to eat the turkey sandwich.. Fuck that shit, I'm going to eat what I want to eat when I want to eat it, but maybe I'll end up eating the turkey sandwich anyway. Diary, I really can't decide what I want for lunch. Help me?


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