Friday, May 18, 2012

The NCAA Is Not The Problem

Yes, The NCAA has been slow to adapt to the hyper-commercial frenzy that college sports, especially football has become. Yes, they play a role in the problem with some of their ridiculous rules and violations that disproportionately affect the underprivileged. The problem is that people shouldn't go to college to play sports, they should go to college to learn and get degrees. For decades, the NCAA has done this right, but as the recent shitstorm of bullshit that has ripped college football to shreds has shown, they have been cuckolded by a bunch of greedy football playing schools which have dictated what it takes to have a competitive athletic department, even outside of football by building ridiculous cathedrals to athletic pursuits that are far more ostentatious than they need to be, just because the money is there.

In every sport but two, the NCAA gets it right which tells me that it needs to sever those two cancers and allow them to pursue what they feel to be a "better" way. Scholarship athletics are fine, but the minimum qualifying standards should be closer to that of normal students, and we must present a different way for stars in football and basketball who are not good students to climb the athletic ladder without coasting through college.

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