Saturday, June 30, 2012

Peace Out, West Virginia

As some of you may know, today is the last day that West Virginia University is officially a member of the Big East, thanks to the conference's willingness to settle to avoid a protracted court battle. This comes after years of WVU's not so secret attempts to leave the conference, which was buoyed by their massively inflated view of their football program, despite the fact that they had trouble closing the deal in the supposedly weak Big East on several occasions. It'll be fun for me to watch them become Texas' bitch in their new home, the Big 12.

So this is for you, WVU:

Friday, June 29, 2012

Sheila Reid Wins Another Canadian Title!

We'll have to wait and see what this means RE: Olympics.

In other news, Nicole Schappert has advanced to the finals of the US Olympic Trials, which is an affirmation of the great season she has had.

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Sunday, June 24, 2012

Update: Matt Szczur Returns To Lineup For Daytona

After missing more than three weeks with a knee injury, Matt Szczur has finally returned to the lineup for the Daytona Cubs. Let's hope for continued health and success.

Saturday, June 23, 2012

Off Topic: Whoa

This is why track is awesome. Allyson Felix and Jeneba Tarmoh just had the deadest of dead heats with the Olympics at stake.

Friday, June 22, 2012

A Perfect Fit For Dominic Cheek

They already have an entire team that hates to pass, completely lacks self awareness and plays zero defense, so he'd make an excellent addition.

Video: Maalik Wayns Working Out With The Kings

Did I mention that he'd be undrafted at one point? Well, he's surely going to be picked.

Thursday, June 21, 2012

Bobby Curtis On The Implications of Making The Olympics

Let's hope he surprises some people. While living up to the expectations of others. The men's 10000m is tomorrow night at 9:45 ET on NBC Sports Network (formerly Versus/OLN)

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Time For A New Plan For Villanova's Expansion

Since the residents and lawmakers of Radnor are being dickheads to Villanova, it's time for Villanova to submit a concrete plan to the Board of Commissioners that is so awful that they'll be willing to accept anything.

My four point poison pill plan is as follows:
  1. A 20 story neo-gothic building housing staff and faculty offices with a massive bell tower at the top.
  2. Two 15 story dormitories, built to partially replace Stanford and Good Counsel, which will be leveled while also expanding on campus lodging capacity. 
  3. A 1,500 seat Art Deco performing Arts Center.
  4. The Burj Khalifa
No consideration will be given to the concerns of the neighbors. If they don't like it, they can suck it up.

Video: Radnor BOC Meeting on Villanova Development

The Villanova portion of the video begins at 37:20, but prior to that, they examine the tax exempt status of some of Villanova's activities "not relevant to their academic mission," which is garbage, because all of Villanova's activities are relevant to their academic mission, including sports.

I'll reserve my comments about their decision, because I've made my thoughts known.

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Villanova Entries To The 2012 US Olympic Trials

 Jen Rhines

This is a preliminary list, which won't be official until  2:59 AM Wednesday, so more could be added, but as of eight Eastern tonight, there are three entries who are graduates of Villanova. One or two more entrants could be added as the hours go on.

Men's 10000m
Bobby Curtis

Women's 5000m
Jennifer Rhines
Frances Koons

Women's 1500m
Nicole Schappert

Curtis is seeking his first Olympic berth, as are Schappert and Koons while Rhines is going for a nearly unprecedented fourth, which would tie Sonia O'Sullivan, Eamonn Coghlan, and Marcus O'Sullivan for the most Olympics competed at by a Villanovan. Rhines is coached by her husband Terrence Mahon, who is also a Villanova graduate.

Today In Radnor Idiocy

"[Radnor Township Manager Bob Zienkowski] also said that he was very surprised to find out last week that the school is considering doing work to some of its athletic facilities."

Are you fucking serious? Has this guy ever seen Villanova's athletic facilities in relation to its peer institutions? I hate these people.

What Radnor's trying to do, essentially:

Monday, June 18, 2012

Video: Villanova Recruit Kevin Gulyas' Big 33 Game Touchdown

(First play)

For the record, the kid Gulyas outran, and then shook out of his shoes to get into the end zone, De'Van Bogard, is going to Ohio State. I don't know how Kevin Gulyas fell into Villanova's lap given his numbers in high school.

Tony Chennault Granted Hardship Waiver, Will Play This Fall

I don't want to say that it's good news, because it obviously took a tragedy for the NCAA to allow this to happen, but this obviously gives Villanova another option in the back court for this season. I wish Tony and his family the best.

Sunday, June 17, 2012

Another Villanova Graduate To The Olympics

According to a report from Serbian Newspaper Večernje novosti, (which was a notorious mouthpiece for the Milosevic regime,) 2006 Villanova graduate Marina Muncan or Марина Мунћан is headed to the 2012 London Olympics

Here's the report in its entirety (loosely translated from the Serbian original)
Serbian athlete Marina Muncan was at a rally in New York achieved the Olympic B standard of 1,500 meters result 4:08,39 minutes, confirmed to Tanjug Serbian national team coach of athletic Dragiša Kuzmanovic.
A member of Dinamo Pancevo has become the 14th athlete in the Olympic team of Serbia at the forthcoming Olympic Games in London.

Athletics is the largest single sport in the Serbian Olympic team.
Muncan is the Serbian national record holder in the event. This will be her first Olympic Games.

What Father's Day Means To Me

And to think.. He was disqualified

Reid, Ward, Lipari Set Personal Bests At Holmdel, McEntee Wins Handily

Last night at the New Jersey International Invitational track meet at Holmdel High School, several current and former Villanova athletes competed, with Shericka Ward achieving an Olympic Trials A Standard at the 100 meter hurdles of by running a personal best of 12.97, guaranteeing herself a spot in next week's Olympic Trials. In the women's 1500m race, Sheila Reid and Emily Lipari each ran well, with Reid running the Olympic 'B' Standard in the 1500 by winning the race and running a 4:07.99 personal best and Lipari finishing seventh, while running an Olympic Trials 'B' standard and setting a new personal best of 4:14.89 Nicky Akande finished tenth in the same race. Less recent Villanova alums Carmen Douma-Hussar (Canada) and Marina Muncan (Serbia) each ran in the race and set season bests, with Muncan achieving the Olympic B Standard. In the women's 800m, 2010 graduate Nicole Schappert continued her excellent season by running a personal best of 2:04.91.

On the men's side, Sam McEntee ran a 3:42.33 in the 1500m to win his race by nearly six seconds, leaving Julian Matthews of Providence in his dust, no small feat when you consider that Matthews is a sub-4 miler in his own right. That's a fantastic result for McEntee, who had a fine season on the Main Line and looks poised for big things.

Results are posted after the jump

Saturday, June 16, 2012

Happy Birthday Tupac Amaru Shakur

You are missed, and you sure are excellent at making music after you died. It's a shame you always get compared to Biggie, especially because he made less music in his life than you have after death...

Friday, June 15, 2012

Matt Szczur Injured, On DL

I know this is week old news, but I like to provide periodic updates on his carer. Matt Szczur hasn't played for more than two weeks now with a knee injury. He's been pretty stagnant at about a .270 batting average and a .730 OPS or so.

Thursday, June 14, 2012

Sheila Reid Signs With Agent- Is Now A Professional Athlete

Former Villanova all-everything champion of the universe distance runner Sheila Reid has officially turned pro today by signing with Flynn Sports Management, the agency founded by Irish mile record holder and Eastern Tennesse State University graduate Ray Flynn, who combined with former Villanova runners Marcus O'Sullivan and Eamonn Coghlan as well as Frank O'Mara, an Arkansas graduate to set the still standing 4x1 mile relay record for Ireland in 1985. Along with their newest client Reid, Flynn also manages such notables American mile record holder Alan Webb, two time American marathon Olympian Ryan Hall, American marathon record holder and Olympic bronze medalist Deena Kastor, and 2011 1500m World Champion Jenny Barringer-Simpson, (who had a college career that could be very easily compared to Sheila's) and numerous other athletes of massive acclaim.

This is not a rinky-dink operation, this is a serious agency for serious runners, and by signing with Flynn, who is one of the best agents/meet promoters in the country, if not the world. This is not an agency that scoops up East-African runners and takes disproportionate amounts of their money. This signing is proof that Sheila and her handlers know what they're doing, and that's a good thing.

From the blog with the second most posts covering your career at Villanova, congratulations Sheila and I hope you have a long and successful career.

A Meme-Based Expression of My Disgust With Radnor

Seriously jerks, get a life rather than opposing everything.

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

55 Years Ago This Week: The Greatest Track Team Ever?

Front row from left: Ed Collymore, Ron Delany, Coach Jumbo Elliott, Alex Breckenridge, and Charles Jenkins.  
Back row from left: Phil Reavis, Charlie Stead, and Don Bragg. 

 55 years ago this week in Austin Texas, Villanova, which was led at the time by legendary head coach Jim "Jumbo" Elliott (above, in fedora) won its first and to this date only NCAA outdoor track and field championship. While this is unquestionably the greatest Villanova team of all time by virtue of the championship, it's worth wondering whether this is the greatest track team from any school in history by virtue of the fact that three different athletes on the team won individual Olympic gold medals and five of them represented their countries in the Olympics, a number that represented a third of the members on the team. During the 1957 season, the Villanova track team won every amateur competition in which it entered including a sweep of all three relays they entered at the 1957 Penn Relays.

Perhaps nothing better can be said about the 1957 team, than this which was written at the time (after jump):
There is no other, nor has there ever been any other, university or college in the world which can, or could, send forth 15 track men to better the 15 which comprise the present Villanova University track team. Villanova, indeed, has attained a most unique position in the world of intercollegiate track competition.

The accomplishments of this great aggregation are many and varied and a separate treatise would be required to discuss them. However, there are a few outstanding feats, which can be mentioned that will substantiate their claim to fame.

During the indoor season the Villanova track team captured both the IC4A and N.A.A.U titles. This has been accomplished only twice before by college teams, but never before when the various athletic clubs were not weakened by war-time conditions. In winning these two meets the Wildcats won an unprecedented four individual N.A.A.U titles and six IC4A titles. They won 19 ½ first place medals during the five annual indoor meets held in Madison Square Garden. This was never before even nearly accomplished by any other team. In the Queens-Iona and Penn Relays, their main encounters in the still young outdoor season, Villanova won six relay titles-every in which they competed. There can be little doubt that added laurels will be won when this great team competes in the outdoor IC4A and NCAA meets. Next month at Austin Texas, Villanova will be out to win their first national collegiate championship.

What Makes This the Greatest Squad

A track team is composed of individual performers, and two of Villanova's performers are the absolute best in the world. The feats of Charlie Jenkins and Ron Delany would fill a book, but what more need be said of them than they are Olympic Champions! Of Delany you might also say that he can make a very strong claim that he is the greatest miler this world has ever seen. As far as further superlatives for Jenkins are concerned, Charlie is holder of the world record for 500 yard at 0:56.4 and in addition to his 400 meter Olympic win, he has another gold medal for running on the 1600m relay team. His was the fastest time on the winning team. The team greatness is certainly indicated by the tremendous nucleus these two men form.

There is a very fine line which divides the "core from the inner layer." Many, indeed, feel that Don Bragg, Phil Reavis and George Sydnor belong in the "inner sanctum." Certainly it would be difficult to take exception. It would not take the whole hand to count the polevaulters in history who have accomplishedthe feats of Don Bragg. Twenty-two times Don has gone over the 15 foot mark, and has gone as high as 15'5 ¼. The experts feel Don will be the first to top sixteen feet. The diminutive high jumper, Phil Reavis finished sixth in the Olympics, and has been the most consistent jumper in the country. In spite of his 5'9" stature, Phil has cleared 6'7" or better in nine indoor meets. Then there is George Sydnor who is a co-holder of the 60 yard world record. George, who was hampered by a leg injury, has an even more promising future.

A wealth of fine runners give great depth to this team. The indoor mile relay team has dominated the event for three years, and set a world record of 3:16.0 at the Chicago Daily News Relays. Gene Maliff, Al Peterson, Eddie Collymore, Charlie Jenkins, and John Furlinger comprise this brilliant relay team. The outdoor mile relay team, although having a little different make-up was none-the-less brilliant. Peterson, Maliff, Sydnor, Delany, Collymore, Jenkins, and Charlie Stead comprised this team. The latter is also a highly successful high jumper having cleared 6'9 ½" to share the IC4A title with teammate Reavis. For distance running, Alex Breckenridge, George Browne, and Johnny Kopil combine with Delany to make this squad unbeatable in this department. Alex is a two-mile specialist while Johnny excels in the mile. George has been a stalwart on the cross country team. Bob Holup has been a consistent point getter in the hurdle events. Jim Fahey has contributed in the shotput department.

As on all great teams, this team has some great "comers." Jack Van Dusen and Joe Armon hold great promise in the hurdles while more than a little in expected of Vic DiMaio and Bill Rahn in the middle distances. Jim McGroarty should give Villanova great strength in the shotput and javelin.

How This Team Was Gathered

When it is considered how many great universities and colleges there are in the country, in the world for that matter, a question comes to mind as to how this one particular university, nestled quietly in the midst of the "Main Line," was able to lay claim to what is probably the most outstanding array of track talent ever assembled outside an Olympic team. There must be some reason, and there is! It starts with the Augustinian fathers' choice of a track coach. Their starts, of course, was one Mr. James Elliott, better known as "Jumbo." Jim Elliott is singly responsible for bringing this team together. He had no "magic wand" which he waved from the Field House roof to attract the stars. Rather, Jumbo's "magic wand" has been the better than 20 years of devotion and hard work he has put into his job. This has resulted in a league of "disciples" which has served as "lookout posts" for him. Once a talent is "spotted" Jumbo's ability ti impress as a coach, gentleman and friend takes over.

One of Elliott's greatest ambassadors has been a former star of his, George Guida. It is most probable that the influx of "foreign talent" which presently includes Delany and Breckenridge can be traced back to George's appearances on the foreign shores with his teammate Browning Ross. There are others of course, but this is an outstanding example of how this team was recruited.

As Jumbo points out, breaks (luck if you will) have been an enormous factor. For there are many boys who appear to be good prospects, but who can project and tell which ones will become great talents? Considering the very limited number of track scholarships, the percentage of those who have developed is nothing short of phenominal. But students of the sport know only too well that Jim Elliott has "made his breaks" with his tremendous coaching ability. As a result of his accomplishment, ha has to be recognized as the top man in his field today.

Jim Elliott chose his assistant well when he picked to be his assistant, Jim Tuppeny. Jim's work is certainly reflected in the team's performances as he, like Jumbo, is a tireless, well-qualified worker.

And so it was that at Villanova University in 1956 was formed "The greatest track team in collegiate history."
Olympians on the 1957 track team:
Charlie Jenkins: USA. 1956 Melbourne Olympics. Gold medalist in the individual 400m and the 4x400m relay.
Don Bragg: USA. 1960 Rome Olympics. Gold medalist in the pole vault.
Ron Delany: Ireland. 1956 Melbourne Olympics and 1960 Rome Olympics. Gold medalist in the 1500m run in 1956. Ireland's first Olympic champion.
Phil Reavis: USA. 1956 Melbourne Olympics. High Jump.
Alex Breckinridge: USA. 1960 Rome Olympics. Marathon.

Training Partner: Bobby Curtis Is Ready For Olympic Trials

This tweet from his Australian training partner, Ben St. Lawrence seems to indicate that former Villanova runner, and current Reebok sponsored pro Bobby Curtis is ready for the Olympic Trials, which are ten days from now in Eugene, Oregon. Curtis, St. Lawrence and another Aussie, Collis Birmingham are currently in Mammoth Lakes, California which is a favorite spot for elite athletes to train at altitude (over 8000 feet). Bishop is a city nearby at around 4500 feet where athletes in Mammoth frequently do their harder workouts. The Olympic Trials 10K is Friday June 22nd at 9:45 ET

If you don't follow Bobby on Twitter, do so because he's actually interesting and somewhat sophisticated. A lot of people are boring.

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

EXCLUSIVE: Khalif Wyatt Transcript

Through an exclusive anonymous source within the Atlantic City Police Department, we have come into possession of the transcript of Temple basketball player Khalif Wyatt's conversation with the undercover police officer posing as a prostitute that resulted in him getting arrested.

The transcript is as follows

Wyatt: Hey baby, I got a bunch of money that I stole from the taxpayers of Pennsylvania, how much you charge?
Officer (Name Redacted): 100 bucks, but I'll give you a discount, $50 for you.
Wyatt: No, my school teaches me that we need to spend in wretched excess, I will not pay any less than $1000 of money that I stole from the taxpayers of Pennsylvania.
Officer: Ooh, a big spender, I like that daddy.
(Wyatt unzips his pants and the door is broken down as police officers charge in)
Male Officer: FREEZE!
Wyatt: Dammit, I didn't get to waste anymore taxpayer money!

Villanova Recruit Josh Lampron Running In New York

Lampron, a native of Mansfield, Massachusetts ran a personal best time of 4:02.99 to finish third in the Adidas Dream Mile at Icahn Stadium on Randall's Island in New York City. Lampron will most likely next look to compete in the US Junior Championships with the aim of going to the World Juniors in Spain.

Sunday, June 10, 2012

Saturday, June 9, 2012

Video: Sheila Reid After Her Final Collegiate Race

Watch more videos on Flotrack

Heartbreaking race today, obviously she wanted to win, but it wasn't in the cards today. She seems to be at a loss, but it amazes me how few excuses she makes. That's the true mark of a champion. Kick ass for Canada, Sheila.

Friday, June 8, 2012

An Ode To One of Villanova's Greatest Champions

Amidst little fanfare, Sheila Reid will run the final race of her illustrious collegiate career early tomorrow afternoon in conditions which are likely to be oppressive for a distance runner. It won't be on ABC's Wide World of Sports like races by former Villanova champions like Ron Delany, Marty Liquori or Eamonn Coghlan, nor will it draw the type of attention in her home country of Canada that Sonia O'Sullivan received in Ireland, where she was already a legend by the time she came to the Main Line.

While Sheila may not garner the press of the former men, and she may not have the raw speed of O'Sullivan or Vicki Huber, there has never been an athlete at Villanova who has had her combination of race smarts, and an ability to bring out her best performances at the time of the season when it matters most- Championships. While this outdoor season hasn't produced everything she had planned, every Villanova fan should be grateful that she would leave her exotic homeland of Ontario to come to come wear blue and white for four seasons of cross country, indoor track and outdoor track to win five national championships and a Penn Relays wheel.

It makes me proud as a Villanova fan who is roughly the same age as Sheila that I got to see her run on multiple occasions. For that, I say thank you, and kick ass in the 5000 tomorrow.

Sheila Reid NCAA Championships:

2009 NCAA Cross Country Team Champion
2010 NCAA Cross Country Individual Champion
2010 NCAA Cross Country Team Champion
2011 NCAA Indoor Distance Medley Relay Champion
2011 NCAA Outdoor 1500m Champion
2011 NCAA Outdoor 5000m  Champion
2011 NCAA Cross Country Individual Champion

Villanova NCAA Track Championship Nuggets

Watch more video of 2012 NCAA D1 Outdoor Track & Field Championships on

Yesterday in the prelims of NCAA Track and Field Championships in Des Moines, Villanova had two athletes competing. 

On the women's side, Shericka Ward ran a personal best time of 13.09 seconds in the 100 meter hurdles, but missed the finals be a mere four hundredths of a second, completing a fine college career, and a senior season that could have very easily been ended by an injury she suffered at the Penn Relays. Right now, Ward is on the cusp of making the Olympic Trials, and we'll see if she'll try to improve on her time next week to try to lock herself into the field at Eugene. Defending champion Sheila Reid and her All-American teammate Bogdana Mimic will compete in the 5000m final on Saturday.

On the men's side, indoor All-American Sam McEntee made the NCAA final in the 1500m (Saturday at 12:17 Eastern Time) by finishing fifth in his heat, the slower of the two, running a torrid pace in the final straight to do so. McEntee joins Sam Ellison as an NCAA finalist this season. Ellison will be running today at 7:10 ET in the 800m final, making him the 14th Villanova half-miler to compete in the final of the 800m/880 yards.

Ellison's race is on ESPN3 tonight.

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Recent Video of Matt Szczur

It's basically just his plate appearances from what looks like one or two games. For the season, Szczur is hitting .267/.359/.374, which isn't bad but it isn't great either. It looks as if he has cooled off from the torrid stretch he had at the end of April to mid-May.

If Only He Was Being Condescending

LeBrick losing was an awesome thing, but this sent it over the top.

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Video Dominic Cheek After Working Out With The 76ers

  • He's training in Florida
  • He's not going to project where he's going
  • This was his first workout and he doesn't have any other scheduled
Afterward,76ers director of scouting Courtney Wittle took questions and spoke specifically about Cheek and others.

Monday, June 4, 2012

Sunday, June 3, 2012

Quote of The Decade

"A lot of people talk about my shot. I know I can shoot the ball. It was just bad shot decision at Villanova. But as I'm learning now, I know I have to just leave that behind."- Dominic Cheek
 As usual, not an iota of self awareness.

Saturday, June 2, 2012

LOL Forever UConn

This UConn t-shirt is one of the funniest things I have ever seen.

Friday, June 1, 2012

Villanova Will Play at Vanderbilt in December

After being left out last year, Villanova has been selected for the ESPN Big East-SEC Challenge where they'll play at Vanderbilt on December 1, 2012. For those of you who don't know, Vanderbilt Memorial Gym is one of the truly unique on campus arenas in the country with its wide floor and baseline benches, making it a tough place to play for an opposing team, especially a one off with no experience playing there. I'm excited.

Remember- Villanova beat Vanderbilt in the 1994 NIT Championship Game.

Markus Kennedy Is Transferring Out of Villanova

Well, that didn't take long. After a freshman year where he showed promise at times, Markus Kennedy is done at Villanova according to Adam Zagoria of SNY. Kennedy had a circuitous route to Villanova, attending three high schools and a prep school, so I cannot say that this is surprising to me. Nonetheless, I would like to wish Markus the best in his future endeavors.

I guess this means that Daniel Ochefu's situation isn't a big problem.