Sunday, July 1, 2012

Athletics Canada: Shame On You #LetSheilaGo

You'd think that a country that won a grand total of one medal in track and field in the last Olympics would want to get experience for its younger athletes compete, so that they could get back to the days where they were winning medals, even if they were quite obviously dirty medals won by non-native Canadians. Well, you'd be wrong. Because of the arbitrary "A" qualifying standards set by the IAAF, and the shortsighted decision to hold the Olympic Trials at altitude, a worthy athlete, who has proven on merit over the last two years that she is Canada's best distance runner of any age will not be allowed to go to London. That is offensive to me, and Canada's track and field hierarchy should be ashamed of their shortsighted guidelines.

Because of these guidelines, Sheila Reid, a two time Canadian Champion will have to wait four years to compete at the Olympics. Canada shouldn't act like they're a third world country and send their best athletes that are eligible to compete. If winning a half dozen NCAA Titles doesn't make you a rising star, setting an arbitrary qualifying time shouldn't either.

#LetSheilaGo, and Happy Canada Day

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