Monday, July 16, 2012

Billie Jean King Says Pavilion To Be "Imploded"

According to tennis legend Billie Jean King, Villanova's horrible excuse for an on campus arena is not long for this world and will be "imploded" based on comments she made regarding World Team Tennis.

Says King from Jack McCaffery's blog:
"Someday, they are going to implode this and we will have an even nicer arena," King said Monday night, before the Freedoms' game against the Kansas City Explorers. "They will build a beautiful, new one too."
 She adds
"Yeah. I know. I am thrilled about that. It will be nice to have a new facility. Oh, yeah, they are definitely going to someday have a new facility and it will be great. Right here where we are standing. This will be imploded. But most people know where Villanova is. They used to have tournaments here years ago. Everyone kind of knows this is the tennis place for the greater Philadelphia area. And the Freedoms are really thrilled to be here. The Villanova people cannot be nicer. And that makes a huge difference."
Time for the Kevin Geary outrage express to kick into high gear.

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