Thursday, July 5, 2012

Canada's Only "Rising Star" #LetSheilaGo

 Hi Geoff!

Editor's Note: Upon doing some research on Athletics Canada's "rising star provision", I found one athlete who met Canada's "rising star" standard who is going to the Olympics.

Geoff Harris is a 25 year old 800m runner from Halifax, Nova Scotia. Prior to 2012, he ran a lot of times that would made him the third best 800 runner on the Villanova men's track team, but in 2012 he broke out and achieved his second Olympic B Standard in the 800 at Canadian Trials and is now going to the Olympics, despite the fact that he also doesn't have an 'A' Standard and being so much of a "rising star" that it took some scouring of the internet to find any of his results from earlier than this year. On the other hand, Sheila Reid is more than two years younger and has been the biggest name among female Canadian distance runners for the past year, while continuing a steady track of improvement that has seen her take more than three seconds off her 1500m PR, and 14 seconds off her 5000 PR in 2012. But, she doesn't have a second B Standard in the 5000, the possibility of which was all but destroyed when Canada decided to hold their trials at a location so high above sea level.

Geoff Harris deserves to be an Olympian, but I don't know how much of a "rising star" someone can be if they're already 25 years old and their chances of advancing to an Olympic final are even smaller than Reid's given the competitiveness of his event, but he's a "rising star" and Sheila Reid isn't, according to Athletics Canada.

You see what happens when you allow the government to have the final say on matters of sport?

UPDATE: Two nights ago, Sheila filed an additional appeal to a three member panel to ask for inclusion. Not sure as to whether a decision has been made, but as of yesterday afternoon, the decision was still pending.

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  1. Terrible. This is such BS. Let Sheila run!