Monday, August 13, 2012

A Question That Must Be Asked

I know that hiring coaches to college staffs for the sole purpose of improving recruiting is nothing new, even at Villanova, but there's something that truly bothers me about doing this, and it doesn't seem to be bothering many other people. This shouldn't happen, and there should be outrage that it happened in the first place.

Why was Doug Martin even hired in the first place? Villanova hasn't had a huge problem with recruiting, only development of said players, and I doubt an AAU coach knows much about developing players. There are other coaches who are fine at recruiting, with college coaching experience, and an established track record in player development. The problem with that? Those guys are expensive, and they generally become head coaches fairly soon. Why can't Jay Wright get an established former head coach who doesn't want the massive pressure/responsibility of being a major coach, but still has enough weight to make an impact? I know that it's a matter of money, but if Villanova needed money to fund a coaching job, a donor's wallet would open up, magically.

It's time to stop with the shenanigans, the assistant coaching carousel, the arrests, and start getting serious.

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