Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Is This Villanova's Greatest Ever Group of Freshman Milers?

Jordan Williamsz on leg one for Australia (white top, green shorts)

Prior to this year, the fastest ever mile run by an incoming Villanova freshman was 3:57.9, run by future NCAA champion, World Record holder, and two-time Olympian Sydney Maree. What if I told you that Villanova has an incoming freshman who has run what equates to four seconds faster than that? You'd probably think I was blowing smoke up your ass.

Well, I'm not. Jordan Williamsz comes to Villanova from Melbourne Australia sporting a 3:36.74 personal best in the 1500, the equivalent of a high 3:53 mile, making him one of the fastest incoming freshmen in NCAA history, and certainly the fastest in Villanova history. Williamsz also has a 1:47 personal best in the 800, which would likely make him an All-American in that event. Long story short: Jordan Williamsz is a stud, and it's only a matter of time before he formally runs sub-4:00 in the full mile.

There's more good news. Josh Lampron of Mansfield, Massachusetts comes to Villanova sporting a 3:45 PB in the 1500, and 4:02 in the full mile. Lampron isn't the only one, as Harry Warnick won the Connecticut state championship in the mile and Kieran Brennan of New York shows promise in the middle distances as well. People close to the program are excited, as assistant coach Adrian Blincoe demonstrated on twitter.

So the short answer is complicated. While this is the fastest group of Villanova freshman milers coming in, it may not be the greatest. Only time will tell.


  1. I've known him since he was a "little Tacker" He continues to amaze me ! A star that will awe the world one day . Love from Downunder!