Monday, September 3, 2012

The Villanova Quarterback Situation Should Not Be A "Controversy"

Since the first time I saw Villanova's second year quarterbacks in practice I made up my mind: John Robertson is more suited to be a college quarterback than Chris Polony.  Robertson has greater mobility, gets rid of the ball quicker and is the perfect quarterback to run the spread offense. He may not have the size, or the big arm of his counterpart, but he has everything that Polony lacks: mobility, accuracy, speed, playmaking ability. I do not feel this is a situation where Villanova can win with either player. I think Robertson is a natural playmaker, and Polony is someone who will have one brilliant game and then three or four games that are absolutely woeful. It's okay to have a quarterback controversy when you can win with either player, like the one in 2008 between Antwon Young and Chris Whitney, but that is not the case this year. There is a gulf in productivity between these two players that simply cannot be ignored.

There should be no "controversy" here. The only defensible move the Villanova coaches can make is to name John Robertson the starting quarterback.

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