Sunday, October 7, 2012

John Robertson's Historic Season

Chris Whitney is arguably the greatest quarterback in Villanova history. It took him until his senior season to have a game with 300 passing yards, and he never had 400 yards of total offense in one game. Redshirt freshman John Robertson did both last night in only his fifth career start. Even though he lost, that's pretty amazing for a freshman.

Robertson has been historically good this year.


  1. Whitney was an amazing QB, but the best in school history? No way. Gordon and Boden were way better at playing QB. Whitney may have been the most dynamic, but boy could the other two throw the ball

  2. In seasons where Chris Whitney started the majority of the games, Villanova never missed the playoffs. Gordon and Boden combined made two playoff appearances.

  3. 1. The playoffs expanded in 2010, our record that year probably would not have garnered the playoffs in the 16 team set up.
    2. Gordon and Boden didn't have as good of defenses to help them out. In '09 the D gave up a mere 14 points per game.
    3. Most of the passing records are held by these two. That makes them the best QB. When alls said and done a QB's job is to to throw the ball, and no one did it better

  4. A quarterback's job is to move the offense. Whitney was never really asked to throw, but he could've if asked to. Still though, Whitney made it to the playoffs twice, and he never had the benefit of Brian Westbrook or Brian Finneran, arguably the two greatest skill position players in school history.

    Chris Whitney was never allowed to throw 61 times in a game.