Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Radnor Is Ridiculous

This isn't Villanova related at all, but this most recent ordinance is the very definition of absolutely ridiculous government regulation for no reason whatsoever.

Take it away Main Line Media News

The Radnor Township Board of Commissioners approved the introduction of an ordinance that would prohibit low-flying airplanes from towing signs through the airspace above the township and that would also establish requirements for banners over public roadways during their Monday night meeting.

Citing noise and safety as factors of concern, the commissioners voted 6-0 to proceed with fashioning an ordinance that would prohibit banner fly-overs during community events or as advertising. The ordinance idea would also establish time limits on over-the-street banners and limit advertising to a percentage of the available space on them. Although the Goodyear blimp was mentioned, it was unclear whether commercial lighter-than-air craft would be included in the aerial signage ban.
Don't ever ask another question about Villanova's inability to build anything as long as they're in a town that has passed an ordinance when it is not likely to have ever been affected by such a disturbance.


  1. They're probably going to have trouble getting that upheld if that's ever a legal challenge.

  2. All they'd have to do is petition the FAA