Friday, October 12, 2012

Tomorrow Just About a Must Win For Villanova

I hate saying a game is a must win, because it's so cliche, but tomorrow's Villanova football game at Old Dominion is as close to a must win as there is if they want to make the postseason. The playoffs can only be guaranteed if you have three losses. Villanova has two losses with five games remaining in the season. They can only reasonably lose one more game, and possibly two, if they're lucky.

Unfortunately, this game will be incredibly difficult, because ODU quarterback Taylor Heinecke is putting up video game numbers. Just watch:

Yeah, unreal stuff (especially the video quality). Anywho, Villanova needs to move the ball and prevent this from being a shootout. If the winner scores more than 40 points, it's highly likely that Villanova loses.

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