Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Villanova's Most Favorable Matchup of the Season

Football is a game of matchups. A significant advantage by one team over the other can tilt things significantly in one team's direction over the other. Villanova's game at Georgia State this weekend happens to be one of those games. The 2012 Villanova football team runs the ball as well or better than they ever have, averaging 258.6 yards per game and 6.1 yards per carry. The 2012 Georgia State football team is absolutely woeful at stopping the run, giving up 212.7 yards per game, and 4.7 yards per carry while allowing 17 rushing touchdowns on the season. Every team Georgia State has played this season with the exception of one (Richmond) has run for more yards than their season average, which includes Rhode Island, who have one of the worst rushing offenses (and offenses) in the country. On the other hand, Villanova has rushed for more yardage than their opponents allow per game in every game with the exception of one (also Richmond).

If for some ungodly reason Villanova is unable to run the ball, Georgia State also has the second worst pass yardage defense in the conference, the worst pass efficiency defense, and allows the highest yardage per passing attempt of any team in the CAA by nearly a full yard while allowing a conference-high 15 touchdowns to only five interceptions. To put that in perspective, Villanova's only given up 15 touchdowns on defense all season. They have also have a total of five sacks all season, fewer than Villanova defensive end Rakim Cox has on his own

I didn't even mention that they're the worst team in the conference at defending kickoffs and one of the worst at returning kickoffs, because that would just be overkill.

I don't like picking games, but if Villanova doesn't win this game handily, I will be beside myself, and you should be too.

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