Friday, November 30, 2012

Song of the Day: 11/30/2012

Under Pressure by Queen, live at Wembley in 1986.

Brian Westbrook and Brian Finneran at Villanova

Featuring Villanova's two Walter Payton Award winners and head coach Andy Talley.

Video: Villanova-Vanderbilt Flashback

1994 NIT Championship game. Time to get used to the NIT again!

Thursday, November 29, 2012

Exclusive: Villanova Unveils New Athletics Logo

It looks splendid, doesn't it? I think Villanova has reflected their new mission quite well in this redesign.

If you have any comments, please direct them to the Board of Trustees.

A Letter From Vince NiCastro

Dear Alumni and Friends of Villanova Athletics: 

I know how much you all care about Villanova's athletic programs and how they bring our community together. And, as fans and supporters of the Wildcats, I know that you are all concerned about what the continued realignment of college athletic conferences means for the future of our athletic programs. 

We recognize that you have questions and concerns, especially as you see the news that some of our long-standing Big East colleagues are departing for other conferences. The very nature of this realignment only fuels rumors and speculation, much of which is beyond our control. But rest assured that Villanova is engaged and actively doing all that is in our power to protect the best interests of our University and our student athletes. 

We are prepared to do whatever is necessary to secure and advance Villanova and our brand. The Big East membership has expressed openness to our insistence to work to further advance the core asset of the Big East Conference--its basketball programs. With Villanova taking a leadership role, the basketball schools are exploring every avenue to do just that. 

While the model of athletic conferences continues to change and unique conference paradigms emerge, there will always be a place for elite basketball, and Villanova is steadfastly committed to maintaining a basketball program that competes at the highest level. We have the resources available to ensure that, despite any changes to the conference landscape, our Wildcats will continue to be a nationally competitive program. 

In close, I can assure you that a tremendous amount of time, energy and resources from Villanova's Board of Trustees through all levels of University leadership have been focused on this issue for a long time. I wish we were in a position to share more specifics, but in this type of situation that is just not possible. I thank those of you who have been in touch, and while we are not able to respond to all of your inquiries, know that we genuinely appreciate your steadfast support and passion.
As we move forward, our objective remains the same--insuring national prominence for our athletic programs, driven by men's basketball. And we have genuine reasons to be confident. Things may not look the same, but we can absolutely still achieve our goals. 


Vince Nicastro

Director of Athletics 

*Fart noise*

Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Song of the Day: 11/28/2012

The End by The Doors. Welcome to the end, Villanova fans.

Video: Villanova Realignment Press Conference

Everything is under control. Do not worry.

Villanova Petition: Sign It

The petition is here, and the aims are simple, for Villanova to update its stakeholders more often. They need to act, and you need to make your voice heard.

Times They Are a-Changin'

As you can see, we have undergone a re-brand, changing our name from Fact on Villanova Sports to Fact on Villanova Theater. We feel that it is necessary to be proactive, and more accurately reflect Villanova's strategic plan (the performing arts oh so important!).

What we need is writers who are interested in the arts to track the events surrounding the Villanova theater community! If you're dissatisfied with Villanova's mission, email me at!

We're really excited for the future of Villanova theater!

Monday, November 26, 2012

Song of the Day: 11/26/2012

No Easy Way Out by Robert Tepper. Why? Because I was watching Rocky IV, that's why. Rocky took down the Soviet Union with his fists, you guys.

Time To Give Ryan Arcidiacono a Rest

Following a season long trend, Ryan Arcidiacono played seven minutes more than any other Villanova player yesterday at La Salle, sitting for only four minutes in a game that ended in overtime. This would be fine if Arcidiacono was clearly outperforming his counterparts, but he is not. One for seven from the field and six turnovers and three personal fouls in 41 minutes of action is problematic to say the least.

Now I know that there aren't a ton of options other than Ryan, but the kid missed his last high school season with an injury, and is only experiencing a college conditioning program for the first time, so it's questionable as to whether he'll be able to hold up physically from the early season minutes, especially because games aren't going to get any easier as the season rolls on. It's time to drastically cut down on his minutes. Give them to Tony Chennault, Achraf Yacoubou, or even Mislav Brzoja, or however is fit, but Arcidiacono shouldn't have to shoulder so much of the load so early in his career.

Just something to ponder.

To end on a more positive note, we should give some props to Mouph, who was Villanova's best offensive player yesterday after taking a beating from all angles over the first five games of the season.

Sunday, November 25, 2012

Song of the Day: 11/25/2012

London Calling by The Clash, "The Only Band That Matters".

Thank You Norman White

Last night was the final game of one of the truly great wide receivers in Villanova history, Norman White. In a different era, Norman would have lit up the stat sheet in one of those air it out Villanova offenses. That was not the case due to Villanova's recent turn towards the run game. Still though, he was very productive statistically, especially in his final two years of eligibility, including this season when he battled back from a severe foot injury that caused him to miss the season before as well as in season knee and shoulder injuries.

Here's hoping that Norman gets a nice, long look by an NFL team. I know that he's good enough to play there.

Saturday, November 24, 2012

Song of the Day: 11/24/2012

Rocket Queen by Guns N' Roses. Listen closely during the bridge.

Towson PLAYERS Unleash the Butthurt Tweets

These guys hold a grudge..

Frank Beltre, All-CAA defensive end:

Jalil Gordon, defensive back:

Brian Boateng, linebacker

Arnold Farmer, defensive tackle

RJ Peppers, punter

Jordan Dangerfield, All-CAA safety (suspended final game of season for multiple personal fouls)

 Thank you guys for making my job easy. 

Villanova Loses at Stony Brook, 20-10

Sometimes, the magic just runs out. Unfortunately for Villanova, that had to happen today, as they lost to Stony Brook 20-10, ending the best single season turnaround in school history.

In the loss, John Robertson became the first quarterback, and first freshman in school history to run for more than 1,000 yards in a season. This is also the first time in school history that Villanova had two 1,000 yard rushers in one season.

This one bad game need not tarnish what has been a magical season for Villanova. They'll be back next season, and they'll be a year older in most spots.

Villanova Needs "Mo" Sutton

You could file this one into the "Things I never thought I'd say" category, but it's become pretty clear that Maurice Sutton has been Villanova's best front court player this season on a per minute basis. Not only are his defensive numbers better than Daniel Ochefu and Mouphtaou Yarou, but field goal and free throw percentages pace the Villanova front line.

Despite his very good performance so far this season, he is inexplicably getting fewer than ten minutes of playing time per game in Villanova's four division one games so far this season, including one that went to overtime. That is less than half the playing time that Mouph is getting this season. When I saw that, I looked to see if there was some sort of explanation, like foul trouble, and that's not the case, since he hasn't had more than three in a game the entire season. So at this point, it seems as if Sutton is not getting playing time based on the coach's decision. Frankly that decision had better have some solid reasoning behind it, because Villanova has played better this season when Sutton has been getting minutes.

In my expert opinion, Maurice Sutton's minutes should be increased by at least five per game, regardless of whose expense that is at.

Thursday, November 22, 2012

Song of the Day: Thanksgiving Special

This Thanksgiving, I'm thankful for the Talking Heads, and the greatest music documentary ever.

Stony Brook's Quarterback Injured, Likely Out

In a potentially huge bit of news, Stony Brook quarterback Kyle Essington, the FCS national leader in passing efficiency is unlikely to play this Saturday with a thigh injury. His backup, Lyle Negron has only attempted six passes all season.

If Essington is indeed out of the game, Villanova has caught a huge break. That would allow them to focus more attention on star tailback Miguel Maysonet.

Villanova Players Talk About Thanksgiving Plans

Sounds like Antoine Lewis is going to have Pat Williams and possibly Keelan Malone over.

Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Song of the Day: 11/21/2012

Today's a double shot of U2: All I Want is You and Where the Streets Have No Name.

Kevin Monangai: John Robertson is "Faster Than I Am"

"John is just as good a runner as I am, if not better. He's a little faster than I am. It doesn't allow defenses just to key on me. It keeps people guessing."
Good to have a quarterback faster than your 1100 yard rusher.


When you're in the bottom 100 in the country in three point percentage, you probably shouldn't be in the top 100 in three pointers attempted.

Stop launching so many god damn threes and you'll be able to reset on defense better.

Oh yeah, Ryan Arcidiacono is 4-22 in the games that weren't against Marshall or Purdue. That's pretty horrible. Give the kid a rest.

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Song of the Day: 11/20/2012

I went to see Skyfall tonight. Anything interesting happen?

I'll Wait by Van Halen.

Monday, November 19, 2012

John Robertson in 2012 vs. Chris Whitney's Career Highs

Prior to this season, Chris Whitney's 2009 and 2010 seasons were two of the best seasons ever by a Villanova quarterback, and certainly the best since Brett Gordon carried Villanova on his back in 2002. In 2009, Whitney set an all-time single season record for a Villanova quarterback with 987 rushing yards. In 2010, Whitney scored 13 rushing touchdowns, also a single season record for a quarterback at Villanova.

Whitney was amazing, but the fact that current Villanova quarterback John Robertson has been as good or better than almost all of Whitney's career highs this season on a per game basis is also amazing. His numbers are all the more unbelievable when his freshman eligibility is taken into account.

Here's a comparison with Chris Whitney's career high and Robertson's 2012 (in progress):

Whitney career high (year)
Robertson (2012)
Passing Yards
2241 (2010)
Rushing Yards
987 (2009)
Passing Touchdowns
22 (2010)
Rushing Touchdowns
13 (2010)
Combined Touchdowns
35 (2010)
Yards per carry
4.9 (2009)
Completion percentage
65.1% (2010)
Yards per passing attempt
6.98 (2010)
Total offensive yardage
2923 (2009)

As you can see, the numbers are almost all staggeringly close, with Whitney outpacing Robertson in some, Robertson pacing Whitney in others. It's also worth noting that the 2009 Villanova team didn't play in anywhere near as many close games as the 2010 version, so that probably suppressed some of Whitney's stats. There was also the matter that Antwon Young would be given a series or so a game during some of Whitney's tenure, and that Matt Szczur took at least five snaps a game behind center in most of those, especially in 2009 when he was healthy the entire season.

Bottom line: John Robertson has been incredible this season. This is not meant to compare him to any of the great quarterbacks in school history, but this season is up there with the best seasons ever by Villanova quarterbacks and is certainly the best season by a freshman quarterback.

Andy Talley Named CAA Coach of the Year

No real surprise, should have been expected. John Robertson was named CAA Offensive Rookie of the Year.

Other honors (after the jump):

Sunday, November 18, 2012

Towson Fans are SERIOUSLY Butthurt

Towson was left out of the FCS playoffs, and their fans are none too happy about it. They're also not too great at spelling.

Here's a collection of their misery

(more after the jump)

Villanova Draws Stony Brook

Next Saturday, 3PM, at Stony Brook on ESPN3. Winner plays at Montana State.

Villanova-Delaware Highlights

Selection show today on ESPNU at 1:30.

Saturday, November 17, 2012

What Did Mouph Ever Do To You?

Since the middle of last season, I have noticed there's quite a bit of negative sentiment among Villanova fans against Mouphtaou Yarou. That there is any negative sentiment about a player who will graduate this May with a degree in Finance and an above average GPA makes me furious. What also makes me furious is the fact there is only one reason that it is happening: the access to recruiting websites and their asinine rankings. People need to stop paying attention to those things and realize just how inaccurate they are once you get outside of the top 10 players or so.

The fact is that Mouph owes the fans absolutely nothing. His job is to get an education and to put in his best effort on that basketball court. Nothing else. If he hasn't lived up to your expectations, then it's your fault for having expectations for his career in the first place.

So next time you think to make a comment, don't.

Villanova Beats Delaware, Clinches CAA Autobid

It's almost like you expect Villanova to have two 100 yard rushers in a game at this point in the season. Once again, Kevin Monangai and John Robertson each went over 100 rushing yards in the same game, helping Villanova to over 300 rushing yards yet again as they defeated Delaware for the sixth time in the last seven seasons by a score of 41-10.

Monangai and Robertson each had rushing touchdowns, Norman White had a receiving touchdown from Robertson, and Ronnie Akins and Eric Loper returned interceptions for a touchdown in the fourth quarter.

Update:  ODU beat JMU, so Villanova gets the CAA autobid!

Villanova Leads Delaware 14-10 at Half

  • John Robertson has 95 rushing yards and a passing touchdown.
  • Kevin Monangai has 95 rushing yards and a touchdown, but also a fumble on the goal line.
  • Norman White is back from injury with a touchdown.
  • 198 rushing yards total in the first half. 
  • Delaware wasn't moving the ball on offense until the end of the half.
  • Villanova will receive in the second half

Thursday, November 15, 2012

Song of the Day: 11/15/2012

Street Kids by Elton John. You may recognize it from Grand Theft Auto IV. Elton John is good in the hood.

John Robertson Good to Go Against Delaware

Villanova freshman quarterback John Robertson practiced on Thursday without any issues related to the concussion he suffered against JMU, and is currently good to go for Saturday's game at Delaware.

This is obviously good news for a team that needs to win this week. One would presume that the offense will be tweaked a little bit this week to minimize the hits that Robertson will take. I fully expect a game plan with a lot of passing and not a ton of quarterback designed runs. I assume that Delaware will key in on Kevin Monangai, and force Robertson to beat them with his arm.

Also, here's no shame in sliding to avoid being leveled.

UPDATED: CAA Tiebreaker Scenarios

This was a point of confusion for many and the league has released a new list of tiebreaker scenarios to settle the CAA's automatic playoff bid.

The official release below:
CAA Football Automatic NCAA Bid Tiebreaker Scenarios
*Updated Nov. 15, 2012
Maine at Rhode Island; Towson at New Hampshire; Richmond at William and Mary; Villanova at Delaware; Old Dominion at James Madison

1. New Hampshire clinches automatic bid with a victory over Towson.
2. The 16 scenarios below will be used if New Hampshire loses to Towson.
3. CAA Football’s final tiebreaker involves the application of Jeff Sagarin’s ELO_CHESS variance. The Division I Football Championship Committee will allow CAA Football the time necessary to determine its automatic qualifier using Sagarin’s most up-to-date ratings variance following all of the Division I Football games played Nov. 17.

Scenario 1 & 2
ODU ineligible at 7-1, UNH, TOW, UR, NOVA all 6-2 -- All tied teams have not faced each other; highest common opponent…versus ODU (7-1): UNH 0-1, UR 0-1, TOW 0-1, NOVA 1-0 --- NOVA is autobid.

Scenario 3 & 4
ODU ineligible at 7-1, UNH, TOW, NOVA all 6-2 -- TOW is 2-0 versus all tied teams, UNH did not face NOVA but a win for either would make them 1-1 in the group…still not a better winning percentage than TOW in the scenario --- TOW is autobid.

Scenario 12 & 13
ODU ineligible at 7-1, UNH, TOW both 6-2 -- TOW beat UNH head-to-head --- TOW is autobid.

Scenario 5 & 10
JMU, UNH, ODU, TOW all 6-2 -- All tied teams have not faced each other; highest common opponent does not exist; ELO_CHESS…ELO_CHESS rating (released following all Division I games Saturday) --- autobid will be determined upon Sagarin release.

Scenario 6 & 15
JMU, UNH, ODU, TOW, NOVA all 6-2 -- All tied teams have not faced each other; highest common opponent does not exist; ELO_CHESS…ELO_CHESS rating (released following all Division I games Saturday) --- autobid will be determined upon Sagarin release.

Scenario 7 & 11
JMU, UNH, ODU, UR, TOW, NOVA all 6-2 -- All tied teams have not faced each other; highest common opponent does not exist; ELO_CHESS…ELO_CHESS rating (released following all Division I games Saturday) --- autobid will be determined upon Sagarin release.

Scenario 8 & 9
JMU, UNH, ODU, UR, TOW all 6-2 -- All tied teams have not faced each other; highest common opponent does not exist; ELO_CHESS…ELO_CHESS rating (released following all Division I games Saturday) --- autobid will be determined upon Sagarin release.

Scenario 14 & 16
ODU ineligible at 7-1, UNH, UR, TOW all 6-2 -- All tied teams have not faced each other; highest common opponent; ELO_CHESS…versus ODU (7-1): UNH 0-1, UR 0-1, TOW 0-1; versus DEL (3-5): UNH 1-0, UR 1-0, TOW 1-0; versus WM (1-7): UNH 1-0, UR 1-0, TOW 1-0; versus URI (0-8): UNH 1-0, UR 1-0, TOW 1-0; ELO_CHESS rating (released following all Division I games Saturday) --- autobid will be determined upon Sagarin release.

Delaware Fan's Take on Villanova-Delaware

O Hai Joe
I asked a knowledgeable Delaware fan what they thought about their chances this weekend and this is what I got:
Villanova should win, but wouldn't surprise me if UD pulls the upset. UD has nothing to lose. Should play loose.

Hens have been decimated with injuries since before the season even started. OL and D backs blow. Hurley has heart but is usually beat tf up by the end of most games. Offense is the most boring and predictable in all of FCS. Our d-line doesn't create much pressure but has been showing more in the past few games.
Makes it seem like more of a must win.

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Song of the Day: 11/14/2012

Heard R.E.M. on the radio this morning on my way to TCB and got pretty pumped up. Love how Michael Stipe uses the bullhorn.

A Worrying Situation

The video above has nothing to do with Villanova football aside from the fact that it's a scenario Villanova can face. The game above is from the 2002 NFL Playoffs. The New York Giants were kicking a field goal to win the game and advance to the next round when long snapper Trey Junkin (an NFL veteran injury replacement after their normal long snapper Dan O'Leary was injured) made a bad snap, which set forward a bizarre series of events that many Giants fans will never forget. Completely unfairly because of the other circumstances of that play, Junkin's bad snap is now a part of Giants lore. That play demonstrates the consequences of what can happen when your long snapper is injured.

Now you may be asking yourself how this relates to Villanova, and I'll get to that, but the long snapper is the one player on a football team who it's best that the casual fan does not notice. The fact that they have such a specialized (and difficult) job is the very reason that they get college scholarships and NFL roster spots even if they can do very little else of substance on the field. Also, Villanova has not been immune to snapping issues in the past.

With all that digested, I have some bad news. Villanova's long snapper, Adam Nelson was pretty obviously concussed after taking a blow to the head while covering a punt last week against JMU and did not return to the game. His replacement, Justin Rhinesmith was given the opportunity to snap the ball once and it almost went over the head of punter Mark Hamilton. Also, Rhinesmith seemed to be considerably slower than Nelson getting down field to cover punts, which is a problem, because Nelson is usually one of the first people down the field and is almost always in a position to make a play on the returner.

If Nelson isn't recovered by the end of this wee, and the game is close in the fourth quarter, this is the type of situation that can be all too worrisome.

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Song of the Day: 11/13/2012

With a new James Bond movie currently in theaters, and an awesome song associated with, I thought I'd pick Nobody Does It Better by Carly Simon for today.

Villanova-Delaware Pre-Preview

At the beginning of the season, Delaware looked like one of the best teams in FCS on the face, but since then they have lost five of their last six games, hobbling into the final game of the season. This bodes reasonably well for Villanova, who haven't lost in Newark since 2004.

Of course Villanova is not without their uncertainties heading into the final game, as their sensational freshman quarterback John "Pinball" Robertson got his bell rung in the game against JMU and wound up with a concussion. The earliest Robertson will be able to practice this week would be Thursday, and one would think that the coaches would alter the game plan if Robertson is in fact able to play so more passing and less quarterback running should probably be expected. If Pinball isn't able to go, the reigns would be handed to Chris Polony, who has starting experience, including the Delaware game last year and Temple this year. It's worth noting that with Polony starting, Villanova very nearly beat UD last season thanks to an absolutely sensational game by then-freshman Jamal Abdur-Rahman, who is suspended this year.

Overall though, this is a must win for Villanova because even though they'd technically be playoff eligible if they lost, it wouldn't look that great. A win guarantees a playoff appearance, and a possible home game. That would be nice for this team.

Villanova-JMU Highlights

One more win.

Sunday, November 11, 2012

Ryan Arcidiacono Highlights From The Marshall Game

The greatest player in school history already!

Life of Ryan: Arcidiacono Scores 25 Against Marshall

In the first division one game of his career, Villanova freshman Ryan Arcidiacono did not disappoint, scoring 25 points, including 20 in the first half  to lead his team over Marshall. In a pleasant surprise, James Bell added 19, and Darrun Hilliard continued his development with 15.

On the bad side, JayVaughn Pinkston scored only six points, made no field goals, missed eight of his 14 free throw attempts and turned the ball over four times. That's not good.

Who cares about the bad stuff though, Villanova has a winning record for the first time in a while, so it's time to brightside to that.

Song of the Day: 11/11/2012

Fixin' to Die by G. Love. Damien Echols says this song sounds like death row.

Saturday, November 10, 2012

Villanova Downs JMU To Become Playoff Eligible

After last year's shit storm of a season, I never would have thought that Villanova would come back the way they did this season. Today's win over James Madison further bolsters Andy Talley's case for coach of the year, and Kevin Monangai's game today (150 rushing yards on 25 attempts and a touchdown) should be enough to vault him into contention for an All-American spot and possibly even a postseason awards watch list. Monangai's performance today made him the only the second player in school history (Brian Westbrook) to rush for 1,000 yards before the end of the regular season.

Again, Villanova tore it up on the ground with Monangai and John Robertson, whose rushing numbers were watered down by a couple breakdowns in protection, which count against a quarterback's rushing total, but he still had 61 net yards and two touchdowns. Robertson's performance put him over 800 total rushing yards for the season to go along with his team leading 12 rushing touchdowns.

Today was senior day, but this team is so young that they might be even better next year, and that's pretty awesome.

Song of the Day: 11/10/2012

I could listen to that song a thousand times right now, you guys.

Friday, November 9, 2012

Villanova Men's XC Team Is Headed To Nationals!

They're taking their knives, boomerangs, didgeridoos, and vegemite  to Louisville, Kentucky.

Results here.

Things We Didn't Know About Taylor King Before Today

Yes, a new article came out today about Taylor King, and it was quite good. We learned
  1. His Dad was a huge asshole when he was growing up.
That's about the only thing in the article that wasn't almost universal knowledge among Villanova fans.

Nicky Akande Wins D1 Mid Atlantic Regional XC!

 (middle of second row, third or fourth place)

Give Gina Procaccio a raise! Villanova apparently went 1-3. Information is at a snails pace. Just another relatively unheralded Villanova runner to win a big race. Not much information otherwise other than that the women unofficially finished third behind hosts Penn State and defending National Champions Georgetown.

More official data:

Thursday, November 8, 2012

New Uniform on Tap for 'Nova?

I'm sure Fact will be blown away that I'm actually writing a post, but I found some breaking shit that I didn't want to just tweet about and not get credit on here for.  Anyway, I was just reading a pre-season Uni-Watch article on ESPN and noticed the one entry about Villanova:

Naturally, I got very excited and checked it out:
As the article says, it is just a "prototype," but I'm willing to bet this or some other version of it will make an appearance this year.  Not too sure how I feel about it.  It looks kind of practice-y, more than it looks suited for a legitimate game jersey, but we'll see what happens.  Thoughts?

Saturday, November 3, 2012

2012-13 Villanova Basketball Pump Up Video

Not enough missed threes.

Villanova Recruit Does Work

Just hope that he's firm in his commitment. Yes, it's the same Fertitta family.

Friday, November 2, 2012

Ed Rendell Has a Message For Bloomberg

Absolutely ridiculous. I'm ashamed of the City of New York.

Jay: Enough With The Threes

New Mascot Suggestion

Peering over the box score of Villanova's six point exhibition win over Carleton, one number stood out to me as if it was in bold letters and twice as large as the others. That number is 3-20. No, that is not this blog's daily readership, it's Villanova's conversion rate on three pointers in the game, or simplified: 15%. That is two and a half times worse than a good performance from behind the arc, one that would make a team justified in taking 20 threes in one game. Three different players missed four or more three pointers last night.

This may not have mattered against a team which Villanova holds such a massive talent and athleticism advantage over, but any team that misses more than 70% of its threes is going to get gashed in transition by a bigger, faster team. I will not stand for another team that takes dumb shots and then gets gashed on the other end. The schoolyard offensive strategy needs to stop.

I really thought we were done with this garbage.

Thursday, November 1, 2012

Villanova-Carleton First Half Highlights

This is me not trying.

Video: Get To Know Your Wildcats

That's totes adorbs.

Kevin Monangai and John Robertson in Historical Perspective

The 2012 Villanova football team has exceeded all reasonable expectations, even if they are unable to win another game. Particularly impressive have been some of the individual performances by underclassmen. Particularly freshman quarterback John Robertson and sophomore tailback Kevin Monangai. With two games remaining, Monangai needs to gain 106 yards on the ground to become the fourth person in the history of the program to run for more than 1000 rushing yards in one season. Considering the fact that he's gone over 100 yards in three straight, and five out of his last six games, I'd say that he has a pretty good chance of making it.

John Robertson has been special. With his performance in the last game, he went over 2000 yards of total offense and scored his team-leading tenth rushing touchdown of the season. Like Monangai, Robertson also has a chance to surpass 1000 rushing yards on the season, but he would likely need to make it to the playoffs to do so. Make no mistake though, Robertson is having one of the greatest statistical seasons that a Villanova quarterback has ever had, and it is worth getting excited over his performance this season. Villanova will finally go into an offseason with a settled quarterback situation for the first time since Chris Whitney graduated.

Let's hope this team wins its next two and goes back to the playoffs, which would be a remarkable achievement.