Monday, December 10, 2012

2012's Nine Biggest Assholes: Villanova Edition

Inspired by Maxim's list, which was released last week, I have compiled my list of Villanova's biggest assholes of 2012. They are in no particular order.

Vince NiCastro:
Vince gets on this list for being completely reactionary and not at all visionary during his entire tenure as athletic director. Under his watch, Villanova's basketball team made a steady rise (he doesn't deserve credit for that), but it is currently trending downward with an uncertain future (partly his fault).

Father Peter Donohue:
Father Peter makes this list, because despite his good intentions , he is not clued in enough to know the ramifications that sports have on the entire process.

Jay Wright:
Can you please teach your charges about breaking down a zone. Also, the volume of three point attempts (and subsequent bricks) in the last year has been enough to make me physically ill. Other than that, Jay has my full support.

Doug Martin:
You don't remember Doug Martin? That might actually be a good thing, but Doug Martin was the AAU coach that Villanova tried to hire as an assistant coach, but it turns out that he falsified his resume, creating an embarrassing situation for Villanova. 

Amile Jefferson:
For dragging on his recruitment for far too long, and saying that Villanova was still in it despite the fact that they were out of it in the fall of last year, as we reported here last fall.

Isaiah Armwood:
Not because he left, but because he made the insinuation that Villanova was too guard oriented. I didn't know that Curtis Sumpter, Will Sheridan, Dwayne Anderson, Shane Clark, Jason Fraser, and Dante Cunningham were guards.

Dominic Cheek:
I considered naming these the "Dominic Cheek Awards" but I thought better. I don't care about whatever Cheek's "potential" was, so in that sense he was not a disappointment to me. What I do care about is the fact that Villanova was worse off when he was on the court because of his crappy defense, and god awful shooting.

Rumor spreaders:
Villanova knows where these rumors began, but these people caused an unnecessary distraction. Even though they aren't from Villanova, they still qualify.

Right Plan For Radnor:
 If there's anything I hate more than NIMBYs and hypocrites, it's Radnor. These happened to be hypocritical NIMBYs from Radnor, which is a toxic mix. You should have never moved close to a school if you don't want them to expand in any way.

Who do you think was a big asshole this year?

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