Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Back to Basketball: Temple Preview

Temple is undefeated this year in five games. That doesn't mean much, because they haven't really played anyone yet as their schedule so far has been bottom third, compared to Villanova who have played one of the top 50 or so schedules in the country. Given that Temple hasn't really played anyone this season, and Villanova is at home, this game should be a winnable one for Villanova, but you really never know with this current Villanova team.

Temple is not a particularly great offensive team, and not particularly good on defense. I would say that they are average at both. Importantly for Villanova, the Owls aren't a good shooting team, especially from three point range, which bodes very well for the Cats. One thing that they don't do with anywhere near the frequency of Villanova, but they also don't rebound nearly as well.

We'll just have to see tonight at 9:00 on ESPN2.

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