Sunday, December 16, 2012

Statements From Jay Wright and Vince NiCastro

Vince Nicastro:
"We have enjoyed our association with the various member institutions that have been part of the Big East for over 30 years.  That association has served us well.

This is truly a unique period in intercollegiate athletics and it has presented us with an incredible opportunity moving forward to build upon our collective prominence.   The seven institutions serving as the foundation of this new framework offer some of the richest traditions in all of college sports, outstanding academic reputations, large and loyal fan-bases, and are located in some of the best markets in the nation.  We are energized by the decision to build on this strong foundation of programs and move toward the future in a focused and optimistic way."
 Jay Wright:
"The opportunity for Villanova to work with these six schools on a new basketball framework that builds on the great basketball tradition established by the Big East is exciting.  There is obviously a lot of change taking place in college athletics right now, and we are looking forward to a great future with these partners."
Some brightsiding going on there.

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