Friday, December 28, 2012

Villanova Plays Poorly, Still Beats NJIT

Normally when a team shoots 30.8% from the field, and less than 20% from outside, you would expect them to lose the game. Well, Villanova did both of those things tonight and still wound up beating NJIT 70-60, thanks to some good free throw shooting, and much better ball handling than in recent games. Despite the fact that they shot so poorly, this is the type of game that teams need to win.

Ryan Arcidiacono had arguably his best game on the Main Line this year, scoring 17 points on 6-13 from the field with four threes, and most encouragingly, no turnovers all game. Maurice Sutton scored 10 points on 5-6 shooting along with seven boards and three blocks.

The rest of the team shot like an absolute abortion. Still though, it's not a bad thing to win a game when you play poorly. Good teams win games where they play poorly. Hopefully this becomes a good team at some point.

I'll have more on this tomorrow when I watch this game again.

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