Wednesday, January 23, 2013

A Watershed Moment

Last night was awesome. With a fantastic defensive effort, Villanova beat a team that probably should have beaten them by double digits. The relatively lean crowd made lots of noise, and students stormed the court after the game. Yes, they turned the ball over too much, and committed too many fouls, but they forced Louisville to do many of the same things and came out victorious. It's moments like this, after coming off of two uninspired performances that serve to give us hope; to realize that this team is indeed getting better, and that the coaches are selling is indeed working.

Just like eight years ago, this Villanova team looks to have turned a corner that will bring them out of the current lull that they are in and back to where they belong. Although aggravating to watch at time, this team deserves a hell of a lot of credit for continuing to get demonstrably better, especially on defense. They have found their identity, and hopefully they will be able to build on it.

Is Villanova basketball back? It's well too early to tell, but it's starting to look better for the future. Until Saturday, my advice is to just revel.

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