Sunday, January 27, 2013

Suggestion: Storm The Court After EVERY Home Win

When Giants coach Bill Parcells worked nose tackle Jim Burt unusually hard in a 1985 practice, Burt decided to retaliate, and emptied a Gatorade cooler on Parcells after they beat the Redskins in the following game. In doing so, the Giants started the "Gatorade shower", a phenomenon now seen after virtually every football championship at any level. The 1986 Giants took things a step further, dumping Gatorade on Parcells after all 17 games the Giants won that season, including after their win in Super Bowl XXI.

As you all know already, Villanova fans have stormed the court two games in a row. Good thing or not, they did it, and it has garnered some attention. Plenty of people on the internet were griping about how it is bush league to storm the court twice in one week. I say fuck ALL of those people. It's time that Villanova fans get creative, and obnoxious and storm the court after every home win for the rest of the season. Why? Because you can, and because it would be something that no other fans have ever done. It's time to make the Pavilion a dangerous place for opposing teams again, and this is one of many ways to do it.

Just a suggestion. If students actually do this, in no way am I responsible for any possible adverse outcome, but it would be awesome if they did. 

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