Friday, February 8, 2013

A Bunch of Bull: Villanova-USF Primer

Tomorrow afternoon, Villanova will look to do something that they were unable to do last season: Win 14 games against division one teams when they take on South Florida at the Pavilion. Last month in Villanova's first road game of the season, the Wildcats beat the Bulls 71-63 at the Sun Dome.

On paper, Villanova has a sound advantage over USF. They are one of the few offenses in the Big East that is demonstrably worse than them, and they have only won one Big East game so far, but surprisingly, the team they beat was Georgetown, so it is quite possible that Villanova could lose this game. What's harder to watch than a team that is horrible on offense? A team that is horrible on offense and plays incredibly slowly. The Bulls play slowly, and their adjusted tempo rank of 331 is illustrative of that.

If Villanova Wins: Don't forget to storm the court.
If Villanova Loses: Commit seppuku.
Additional Details: 3 PM tomorrow, ESPNU, at the Pavilion. Also, high school track phenom Edward Cheserek is visiting Villanova this weekend. Make him feel welcome. A "We want Edward" chant would be nice.

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