Thursday, February 28, 2013

Ryan Arcidiacono in Historical Context

In strictly historical terms, what Ryan Arcidiacono is doing this season is rare. Starting at the 1999-2000 season, only two Villanova players have averaged more points per game as freshmen: Allan Ray and Gary Buchanan. Both of those players did it as shooting guards, a position that better fits Arcidiacono's style of play, but he happens to be playing point guard mostly out of necessity. Next year that could change, especially if Dylan Ennis is able to contribute at point guard.

Here are some of the freshman point totals for notable Villanova players who significantly contributed their freshman seasons.

Scottie Reynolds: 487 points as a freshman 
Gary Buchanan: 413 points as a freshman
Mike Nardi: 348 points as a freshman
Ryan Arcidiacono 343 points as a freshman
Allan Ray: 308 points as a freshman
Corey Fisher: 308 points as a freshman
Kerry Kittles: 294 points as a freshman

Ryan Arcidiacono is still 18 years old. He has scored 343 points already this season and it is not out of the question that he finishes with more than 400. Plot out a reasonable progression and then do the math. He could score a lot of points.

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  1. I agree good observation...hopefully he catches fire during these next oh so important resume building games.